Saturday, April 21, 2012

A letter to The Chronicle Herald on Peter McKenna

I usually do not reproduce posts or articles published by others bloggers or blogs, but I think this is an exception I should really make with a letter published by Lazaro Gonzalez in his website: it is very recommended to read and to spread everywhere. For that reason, I am posting his letter:

Lazaro Gonzalez: A letter to The Chronicle Herald on Peter McKenna

As a Cuban-Canadian who lived 48 years under the brutal repression of a totalitarian dictatorship that violates the most elemental human rights of the Cuban nation for over 53 years I express my profound dismay and disgust with what was stated by Mr. Peter McKenna in his article "Canada, Cuba and the Americas".

Politics and ethically regrettable that a Canadian Democrat unaware that more than three thousand Cubans were executed without trials and hundreds of thousands have been sent to the prisons of the dictatorship for the sole crime of defending Human Rights, Freedom and Democracy.

Mr. McKenna should inquire more deeply about the real situation in Cuba and purpose to worry about the situation of Canadian citizens SarkisYacoubian and Cy Tokmakjian to which they were expropriated their business and are being held in Cuba.

Very disturbing.

With all due respect,

Lazaro Gonzalez

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Laz Red said...

Thank you so much. Viva Cuba Libre!

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This is a very beautiful and interesting article
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