Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Inspirational Hitler's tweets of Mr Percy Alvarado

Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen’s comments professing admiration for Dictator Fidel Castro caused a uproar in his fan base: Miami. It struck in the heart of every Cuban in Miami and he had to come back and apologize for what he did. But this is not the heart of my post today.
The whole Miami scandal crossed the Florida Straits and took base then in Castro’s land, Cuba, where his  buffoons in the cyber-space used the Guillen’s story to land what it is one of Castro’s favorites tunes in 53 years: the Miami’s syndrome.
One of those buffoons, Guatemalan Percy Alvarado, ranted about the “reactionary intolerance” of Miami about Ozzie Guillen, as you can see in the picture heading this post and remarked in RED.
What Mr Alvarado forgot, whatsoever, was to remember the actual intolerance in Santiago de Cuba with the man who shouted in front of Pope Benedict XVI “DOWN WITH THE COMMUNISM”: Adrian Carrion.
Then Mr Alvarado failed not only to mention the “reactionary intolerance” by the Cuban officials, but also to remember that the man who shouted was assaulted and beaten for a man wearing a t-shirt with the emblem of the Cuban branch of the Red Cross (a man who is a member of Cuban paramilitaries forces, those who assault over daily bases the Ladies in White in their headquarters). And also Mr Alvarado failed to remember that today, that man is under police custody and had been charged by Castro’s political police for “public scandal and disorder”.
You can see in this video the assault:

Today, also, tweeting about the post written by Alvarado, that buffoon sent me this too tweets:
In one of then, as you can see, Mr Buffoon called me “Maggots”.  Maybe What Mr Alvarado unknown is the fact that that term was used by NAZI troops and Hitler himself to call the Jews during the Nazi’s raids.  Ignorance?
I don’t think so. Mr Alvarado had done that many times as you can see here:
And here too:
It is a common thread along Castro’s history: the Nazi’s verbal abusive language against every Cuban citizen who dares to have an opinion.
I just don’t even see the need here to argue anything else. Just to keep the whole thing straight, Mr Alvarado, and to give you a bit of advice too, here is where your “inspiration” comes from, taken from Fidel Castro’s public speech in 1961:
So, even Mr Buffon is not an original, but Castro isn’t it either because he took his remarks from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” as you can see here:
Of course, the tweets sent to me by Mr Alvarado don’t hurt me at all: they don’t make me a Jew... but definitely they make him a NAZI.
In Good Company, Mr Castro's Agent?


Anonymous said...

Percy Alvarado es un mercenario guatemalteco cuyo ingresos economicos son del gobierno cubano y de sus fuerzas de la policia politica a las que sirve y de las cuales recibe multiples prebendas.