Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Let’s switch Canada and Cuba in a virtual game

I usually read Canadian media over daily basis, many time checking how frequently and from what kind of point of view they look at my motherland, Cuba. I have to say many times I am disappointed. Even when Cuba is the second tourist destiny for Canadians, they usually overlook my native land.
Let’s say a bit more sincere: they don’t care beyond its beaches, sunshine and cheap hotel prices. And when they look at it, you can find something like the article you can see as the head picture in my post, written by some Paolo Del Nibletto. I guess someone from the tourist trade paid him the post to encourage our fellows Canadians to go to Cuba. Cuban official travel agencies, isn't it?
That’s happening frequently too!
The thing is almost these people confuse the resort, where they are having an splendid vacation, with Cuba; the hotel’s facilities with our fellows’ homes and the health care system facilities for foreigners with the ones of Cubans.
But they are NOT!!!
In his article Paolo Del Nibleto describes the idyllic picture he found, you can check it out here, in this screenshot I took from his article:
Nibleto said: “It took all I had to hold my laughter at this imbecile as both the doctor and the nurse humored him to no end”
Well, let me tell you, Mr Dibleto, I think who is the IMBECILE is you, and I can tell you why: because you are presuming YOU KNOW Cuba just because YOU WENT to Varadero, but Varadero is a RESORT only for foreigners like you, overprotected by Police with a sentry post in the only possible entrance: in its bridge. But you probably unknown that detail. After all you don’t have to be bother by that.
And, by the way, if you thing you know very well Cuba’s health Care system, I would invite you to compare your little experience with the doctor and nurse in the comfortable hotel where you stayed with this picture from one of the well-known Hospitals in Havana Downtown: “Julio Albarran”.
Is that the picture of any of the Canadian Hospitals in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa and any other small city in Canada, Mr Nibletto?
Windows broken, light bulbs that the patients have to carry on with them to have a light in their room, bathrooms without running water, medicines that they are sent to Venezuela or sold in the black market, doctors with no decent conditions in their offices and tire to deal with too many patients and no computers, assistant system to help their job, and thousands of problem you don’t even image because YOU DON’T KNOW!
You know our beautiful Cuba for tourists and, without even pretend, you get a pick of what it is the real Cuba when you speak about the conditions of internet access there... IN THE RESORT !!!!
You said:
I repeat what you said: “The only WIFI was at the airport in Varadero”.
Cuba has a lower connection than Djibouti. Djibouti in 2010 has 13.0% of households with computers meanwhile Cuba only has 3.3%, and don’t even mention the percentage of households with internet: Djibouti 2.2% and Cuba only 0.6.
Without even trying to disclose a myth you already did it. When you said Cuban officials refuse to give internet services to regular Cubans, you are giving a piece of information that Cuba’s government denied over and over in their public speeches and through the social network.
The end of that piece of crap, whatsoever, is one of the foundations of how Canadians understand Cuba. Nibleto said:
“By not providing consistent wireless communications Cuba is a destination I would recommend to anyone interested in truly disconnecting from the Internet world.
Pure Canadian Colonialism as I said in another post.
I will propose to you, Mr Paolo Del Nibletto, to switch Cuba and Canada.
Switch the right to travel everywhere without any government permission and come back home without any paid stamp on your passport.
Switch Canadians Hospitals with all their technology and personnel with the one YOU DON’T EVEN SEE in Havana or, to say more close where you were: in Cardenas, a small city only 15 kilometers away from Varadero. Yes, that Hospital you can see the picture above in this post.
I would like to switch Canadian internet facilities and the way of life with the one Cubans has: ration card included and then you could tell which one you prefer.
By the way, if that happens it could be the only way I will come back to Cuba.
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Paolo Del Nibletto said...

Hi Juan,

First I would like to thank you for reading my blog. I'm sorry that it made you upset.
I would like to clarify a few things in your blog.
The first thing is that I was not paid, nor have I ever been paid, by any travel group. I'm a journalist by trade and I would never write anything that I did not see happen or knew to be false.
Secondly I am not confused at all about the treatment tourists get compared to Cuban citizens. This was not my first time in Cuba. I have visited Cuba three times and I have stayed in Havana. I have seen the shanty-towns, the poor, and the dirt floors people have to live in. I understand that Cuba is not a rich country like Canada. I know that people in Cuba struggle with everyday life. My family and I brought lots of items to help the Cuban people. Simply everyday items like toothbrushes, razors, shoes and coloring books for kids.
To answer your question if I would switch to Cuba; my answer is no. But I would not switch Canada with any other country in the world. I believe Canada is the best place in the entire world to live in.
I would like to wish you well, Juan. I harbor no hard feelings towards you. I can see in your blog that you have passion and I hope you do get an opportunity to see your birthplace they way you believe it should be.
Thank you again for reading my blog.