Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Cuban Mass by Decree

Since yesterday, Pope Benedict XVI is in Cuba, but on the plane in his first apostolic visit to Latin America the pontiff answered reporter’s questions about the Caribbean communist island and he was blasting Castro’s regime when he said:
"It is evident today that Marxist ideology as it had been conceived no longer responds to reality
Of course, it never responded to reality, neither in Europe nor in Cuba. But yesterday he found around 200 thousands of Cubans waiting for him (according to news reports) to preside over his first public mass. The reality, though, in a country where only 10% of its inhabitants are catholic is that poorly they could afford to fill that square where the mass was celebrated.
So, how Castro’s regime filled the square?
Look at the picture heading this post. Those are documents signed by every Cuban worker to assist to those Pope’s masses granting in this way not to discount the paycheck for that workday.
Word by word, the document says:

The comrade___________________________________________________
attended to the activity ______________________________with the reason
of the visit of Benedict XVI in compliance with the Administrative Legislation
234, so it shouldn't be discount his paycheck day from his salary.

This is how Socialist Cuba had filled, for many years, the squares of Havana and many other cities... Mandatory.
I don’t need to make any other comments!!!!