Monday, February 6, 2012

The “irregular groups” condemned by ALBA

Meanwhile in Syria ASAD is still killing civilians and United Nations had showed its paralysis against a bloody tyrant bombing its own citizens, a group of other autocratic leaders had showed support not for the victims, but for their bloody murderers.
Like in the case of Libya, these selected group of individuals headed by Chavez, and supported by the oldest tyranny in the western Hemisphere, Cuba, had emerged with the old same well-known cliché, in a public statement released in Venezuela at the pompous remembrance of another coup d’état that took place in Venezuela one February 4th 1992 by Hugo Chavez, that selected group said:
“The ALBA member states condemn the acts of armed violence that irregular groups supported by foreign powers have unleashed against the Syrian people”
To read the whole statement click here.
Cynicism, lies, manipulation of the truth, everything all together in a statement that tries to close some interested eyes in front of another crime.
To Chavez, Raul Castro and the other members of that selected group, the victims like the little girl depicted in the picture above this post is one of the members of those “irregular groups”, and probably the bombs falling over them are the celestial punishment for their personal lives.
Whom are they deceiving to? How long this lie is going to be in their wretched consciences?
All of them are part of the crime, supported by China and Russia in the Security Council in United Nations. All of them should be sent to Homs to serve as human shields against ASAD.
They deserved to be the first victims of their own lie. Criminals !!!!