Saturday, February 11, 2012

Al Jazeera reporter Moutaz Al Qaissia and Cuban media dogs in a Twitter’s brawl

There is a Cuban proverb who says: “It is easier to catch a liar than to catch a lame”. Recently, an Al Jazeera reporter has been caught by Cuban agents in Twitter in a virtual brawl, where Cuban officials, as usual, had insulted them in a row.
Moutaz Al Qaissia is working in Cuba as a reporter to Al Jazeera in Arabic because Castro’s regime doesn’t allow anybody of that news agency who reports in English. But everything started when the journalist, doing what a regular journalist does everywhere [Oh, boy, he must have known Cuba is in another planet], in this case covering the fleet of Cuban Exiles Fireworks fleet from Havana Seashore. Big mistake for him... according to Havana.
Since then, Moutaz Al Qaissia has been accused of Capital Punishment against the regime, being the last of being the one who contact the prominent blogger Yoani Sanchez for an interview with Al Jazeera, which he had refused to admit.
Beyond all this, the quintessence here is the fact that Cuba’s pack of hounds in Twitter has been threatening him of everything, reaching even the point where some has tweeted that he must be expelled from Havana for... insults.
INSULTS... from the very same people who every time in Twitter, and in acts of repudiation against Cuban dissidents, insults and offends to everybody. Here is just a glimpse of some of them [look at the words marked in red]:
This account has been telling all kind of stories: he is a doctor, a journalist, I mean whatever, the actual story is there are more than two hands handling that account. But beyond that it has history for being insulting people throughout Twitter. This one was one of the account who accused Moutaz Al Qaissia of INSULTS and who threatened him to expel him from Cuba:
Date: February 4th 2012 Time: 7:37 pm
Date: February 4th 2012 Time: 9:51 am

The next one became very notorious in the same context in which Moutaz Al Qaissia was involved: the fleet of Cuban exiles Fireworks. In this case, this account sent a tweet requesting to sink the fleet of Cubans, Look what she says here:
 Date: February 11 2012 Time: 10:06
This is someone else. A Guatemalan mercenary, a stool pigeon, an informer of Cuban police infiltrated among the dissidents to accuse them later in 2003 during the Black Spring:
Date: February 9 Time: 7:45 am
The words marked in red and pointed by an arrow are signalling the word “maggots” (“gusanos” in Spanish). Did you remember how the NAZIS call the Jews during the II World War? MAGGOTS !!!
It is a term that Cuba propaganda system, its agents, people who assault the homes and places where Cuban dissidents meet each others, and even officials in public speeches use to tease them: a term who was settled by Fidel Castro himself from the very beginning of his regime, A NAZI term.
Isn’t it an insult?
But things are not even stop there. In the official Cuban website you can see a post about one of Castro's informer, within that post you can see this picture: 

If you observe the picture’s caption, you will see this:

Translated would be: "Serpa receives, from Gisela Rodriguez one of the journalists who INSULTED him during the walking of Ladies in White, his accreditation for..." [the rest is meaningless] here.
Gisela Rodriguez is supposed to be a JOURNALIST from Cuba’s propaganda system... and she is someone who insults over daily basis in her job (a journalist insulting?). In the next picture, for instance, she was pretending to ask for an opinion in front of Laura Pollan’s house (the former leader of Ladies in White, who died recently in Cuba). She is the one with the mike in her hands:

Is that the attitude of a journalist “interviewing” someone else?
You can even guess what she is shouting there: MAGGOTS !!!! (“GUSANAS”).
From the personage included above with the nick in Twitter of YOHANDRY, in “his” website, you can see:

In the red marked square you can read:”... the colleague Maray Suarez from the Cuban Television confessed her ANGER and HATRED towards the so-called independent journalist...”
The blogger is talking about Serpa, a Cuban state informer like the one we talked before.
Question: Is the job of a JOURNALIST to express ANGER and HATRED in their daily job?
I leave the answer to your intelligence. But these are the “professionals” who tried to accused someone else for being offensive and giving away INSULTS.
Who has been doing it since 1959?
You have the answer. But as I said at the beginning: “It is easier to catch a liar than to catch a lame”