Saturday, February 4, 2012

About some “International” Awards.. not the Oscars though.

The news said: “Sociologist Mariela Castro Espin... (some bla bla bla here)... will be presented today with the 2012 Eureka International Prize....”
The whole article could be read here, in this link => Mariela Castro to Receive International Award
I was curious about what was that EUREKA Prize I never heard before,... and the claiming of being “international” by the news. So, I searched and serached and ... I found something really hilarious.
EUREKA is hosted by the World Council of University Academics, and his website is here: COMAU
When you look for the information about its website en WHOIS, the internet service who provides you about global information about domains and website, then you can see something like this:

Just look at the line pointed by the red arrow:
Website Created On: 14 Oct 2011 at 19:52:40 UTC
Registrant Name: Martin Porras Salvador
Now, when you check in the website for the members of the COMAU you will see this:
Our great Cuban writer Cabrera Infante would have written "three sad tigers"  referring how little concurrence has that "International" Organization. But, let's not go there now.
On the other hand, Mr Martin Porras, the so-called President of Council Facultative of COMAU, is the one who registered the website. No big deal, right?
Well, let me tell you if you check the picture below you can find then what it is amazing... and revealing:

The so-famous, ostentatious and “international” Prize that awarded Mariela Castro Espin sponsored by EUREKA Magazine doesn’t have... ISSN yet, as you can see remarked by the red arrow above (ISSN: Being Processed). And also above that it is written clearly: Year ONE - Number (Issue) ONE.
It means it was created as faster as they could, probably by Mr Porras, to ingratiate Mrs Castro for being until now award less. So, that’s the end of the story about “International” prizes for Mariela Castro Espin, who has no other talent rather than being the daughter of Cuba’s tyrant, Raul Castro.
End of the story, Mrs Missus, you still have to wait for another chance, OK?