Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mercedes Benz, Che Guevara and Osama Bin Laden

Mercedes Benz Chairman of the Board of Management, Dieter Zetsche, said onstage speaking about Mercedes’ new Car Together:
“Some colleagues still think that car-sharing borders on communism, but if that’s the case, Viva la Revolucion!”
His words had threw a war between both sides of the Florida straits: Cuba’s government trying to push in order that the German car-maker apologize to Korda and his heirs (Korda was a Cuban photograph who took the famous portrait of the Argentinean thug), and the Cuban exiles who got the apology days after the incident.
Let’s move on of this, shall we?
Just let me put in perspective what could mean to a Cuban who lost one of his relatives in the fire squads ordered by him. Let’s say you are a relative, a parent, a son, a husband or wife of one of the victims of September 11, and Mercedes Benz’s chairman decide to use a huge poster of Osama Bin Laden as a publicity stunt to sell the vehicle, what could you say?
Or, to put in the proper German perspective, an American car-maker, let’s say FORD, choose Adolf Hitler’s poster as a background to the last vehicle in its division: Do you like it?
Now, newspaper and western journalist, followed by a troop of ignorant westerners are telling the rift as a typical Cuban story, but is it?
Because Che Guevara is a “romantic hero” (what he is not) to the left wingers, some westerners could tell, and they are telling now, this comparison with Bin Laden is unreasonable. Why?
Is the fact that Osama Bin Laden killed Americans in one of the biggest terrorist plot of all times mean that a car-maker couldn’t use his poster as a marketing tool, and at the same time the fact that Che Guevara killed thousands of Cubans it means it could be done without any complain?
What kind of puzzle is this?
Thugs killed people, thousands of victims’ relatives are still waiting for justice and the mentions of their names will always cause a stir in their memories.
Justice has to be served first with respect and dignity, Mercedes Benz’s car-makers had showed no respect whatsoever to the victims of the Argentinean killer.