Saturday, January 21, 2012

Hugo Chavez, Kim Il Un and one ripe Papaya

I don’t know if it is a trick of the eye but I am pretty sure more than one reporter or international observer, who travels frequently around the world, could find sooner or later the extraordinary similarities between Hugo Chavez and Kim Il Un.
Well, after all, Chavez was one of the few who expressed “his sincerest condolences” about the passing of the other old papaya... sorry, for one minute I trampled over the keyboard and made a mistake, I wanted to say Kim Jong Il.
Officially, Chavez said through an official note to the media:
“The president of the Bolivarian republic of Venezuela, Commander Hugo Chavez ... (some bla bla bla here) ... expresses his sincerest condolences at the passing of the ¿president?  of ... “
You know, that little poor country plunged in hunger and repression. The point is, today I stumbled across one little report in “El Universal” of Venezuela in which there are some critics about some obscures amounts of money in some dealings with the Chinese.
By the way, this is not the post about the insulting rambling Chavez threw in Venezuela’s National Assembly and the problem with the money. Oh, God, since Hugo Chavez is in Miraflores Venezuela’s money is flying away to Cuba, Argentina and now China. It is not to end with Chavez in the pocket of Venezuelans.
 I'm just trying to tell you how I came across through one of the most fantastic visual trickeries of my eyes, because I already stumbled before with an image very similar to the one published by “El Universal”... with the problem (is it?) that it was Kim Il Un's picture not Chavez. Hmmm !!!
You can see the article here and original picture: Kim Jong-un: Top 10 Fun Facts about North Korea's New Leader
And suddenly, I remembered to one of my followers in Twitter who showed me, after Kim Jong Il's death, how similar was Kim Il Un to... one ripe papaya like the one you see on top of this post.
AHA !!! I am seeing now more than one resemblance here. Look at the picture: Isn’t it amazing?
Who would have more intelligence there?
I bet... the one ripe papaya.

Note: the ripe papaya doesn't have any particular article in the western media that I can link with... Sorry!