Monday, January 16, 2012

A Cuban version to the Egyptian Mummy

It is not Nehmes Bastet who, apparently, was a temple singer during Egypt’s 22nd Dynasty (approximately 945-712 BC), but for a long time this fellow was tormenting Cubans with long speeches and his erratic mumblings.
Today, Fidel Castro is hiding away, some folks are saying he is “studying” agriculture (I don’t know what the plans are but, at least, I hope it won’t be what Cubans known as Havana’s Coffee Belt that never produced Coffee). Boy, in the land of this fellow, we are still waiting for those coffee beans.
Somehow, the last news about the old chap is that he chatted with Mahmud Admadinejad and some obscure official website of Cuba’s government “produced” a very controversial picture that looks like the one you could see heading this post.
Sorry, that one is the Egyptian singer. Anyway, He looks almost the same.
Anyhow, New Year always brings new goals to everyone and I had decided not to mention some names anymore: they are meaningless to our people there, and because they don’t even care too much about their fellow citizens, why then we have to care too much about their own personas... and names.
So, I have decided to every time I want to say something, in Twitter and in Facebook, (about them) I will call them with the names they deserve: NONE !!!
So, I bring here my list:
#lamomia (the mummy) Fidel Castro
#maricusa (a name commonly used by prostitutes out on the streets) Raul Castro
#caradecebolla (onion's face) Cristina Fernandez de Kitchner
#caraplastica (plastic's face) Mariela Castro Espin
#cabezadetrompo (head spin) Hugo Chavez
#croquetero (croquet eater) Bruno Rodriguez, Cuba's Minster of Foreign Affairs
#papaya Kim IL Un
I will be adding nicknames to this list, so check it up every now and then.
So, it is not too close to the Egyptian mummy but, after all, and giving how long the guy was holding the world record of speak absolutely nothing, I think it is well deserved to give a chance to him to get his minute of fame in company of someone who, in Egypt, was singing in a temple.
After all (and it is the main reason I think he is the closest version of a Cuban mummy), I think Cuba is today a temple with a mummy, dead for a long time to the Cuban people, waiting to be buried somewhere, somehow, someday...


Macabizero said...

Maricusa would be a name commonly used by prostitutes out on the streets.