Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "little sparrow" of Havana

Svetlana Alliluyeva Stalin was the only daughter of Joseph Stalin. Her life was spent in the shadow of the man who helped to forge Soviet communism, led the nation to victory in World War II, and was held responsible for killing more people than Hitler.
Much-married, restless, quarrelsome and elusive, she was Stalin's "Little Sparrow" and wrote of his somber temperament, defected to the US, returned to the U.S.S.R., and finally came back to rural Wisconsin where she died alone this Nov. 22 of colon cancer.
Probably her last words were, to a local newspaper in US: "I will always be a political prisoner of my father's name”
And she was.
How much of this “little sparrow” can we find in the little Benjamin(a) in Cuba?
Left alone without the protective umbrella of his father and uncle in Cuba, how would be the life and adventures of Mariela Castro Espin who is holding a seat in some obscure Cuban institution because her last name?
When she won’t have the privileges and the commodities of her last names attached, would she become stranded, confused, lost in her memories and hatred?
Would she refuse to use her father and uncle’s last name and became probably her husband or someone else?
Would she write any memoir condemning her and Cuba’s past under her famous relatives?
Who knows?
What we know, certainly, it is she will be a “political prisoner of” his father and uncle’s name because she is part of their sombre history over Cuba.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Italy: a refuge to Castro’s family?

It is not the first time we see Alex Castro in Italy sharing hands with local artists. Of course, Italy is very close to Fidel and Raul Castro, don’t forget Mariela Castro Espin has a flamboyant husband who is Italian (Paolo Titolo, look at the front picture of this post) who is, by the way, not surprisingly... a photographer. What a coincidence!!!
Alex Castro is... a photographer!!! ... for the Cuban Ballet in some Cuban official websites, in others he is under the payroll list of the ICRT (Cuban Television Institute – belonging to Cuba’s government). As a matter of fact, it is not important to which staff Castro’s breed belongs, the important here is to check how the Castro’s clan is behaving in Cuba, controlling every single aspect of Cuba, moving around, getting into positions of privilege and sparing a very nice time under the “tag” of “representing Cuba around the world.
Of course, they are not paying their trip to Holland or Italy with their own money. Here, you can check how Alex Castro has been visiting Italy sponsored by Italians artists, and I guess with the “salaries” his father is giving to him in Cuba:

As you can see, the propaganda about the old exhibition of photography by Alex Castro is sponsored by the Embassy of Cuba in Italy. I also believe that Castro Espin’s husband is helping a lot throughout all this “diplomatic” relationships between Italy and Cuba. And here it is a post in one of those newspapers in Italy referencing Alex Castro Soto del Valle in his way through it => Gazzetta di Parma.
The question arisen is: how much money this Benjamin is getting from his business in Italy?
Ah, that one was the last exhibition of Alex, the new one if here, look at it:

It is a brand new “exhibition” of a non-self-made man whose family usually calls real self-made Cubans “parasites”. Remember, Mariela?
It is obvious: you first get a liar rather than a lame.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recycling Cuba in Venezuela

Now that the gold is reaching Venezuela it is important to remember then who are in charge in that country. Journalists, opposition leaders and Venezuelans have been pointing out the increasing tendency to hand down to Cuban officials settled in Miraflores and other Venezuelan governmental dependencies what Chavez swore when He got in power: get in charge of Venezuela.
What it is more really significant it who are the Cubans officials, or former Cuban officials in charge of Venezuela. Most important: what is their role in Chavez’s government?
Well. I didn’t make a mistake when I said “former”. It looks like Fidel Castro and his successor in the throne, the second brother – he always had came as a second – Raul Castro are recycling old former high-ranked Cuban officials in Venezuela’s government... as consultants.
Again, you have to question the consultant category when you see, for instant, Barbara Castillo, the former Minister of Domestic Trade in Cuba (or Interior Trade as remember here, in this website => Cuba’s Government) working close to Chavez, demanding rather than suggesting what to import or to do in Venezuela, as you can see in this documents I found in internet => Freedom in Venezuela    
It is a big naivety to suggest Barbara Castillo Cuesta is just a simple consultant in Chavez’s government. And by the way, Castillo Cuesta was exonerated to continue as the Minister of Domestic Trade, according to GRANMA (the official newspaper of Cuba’s Communist Party), and I quote as it had been written in this Cuban website=> Cuba A la Mano:
Diario Granma informa que a propuesta del Buró Politico del Comité Central del Partido, el Consejo de Estado acordó liberar del cargo de ministra de Comercio Interior a Bárbara Castillo Cuesta, quien actualmente cumple “una importante tarea internacionalista asignada por el Consejo de Estado”.
GRANMA informs that by a suggestion made it by the Politburo of the Central Comitte of Cuba’s Communist Party, the Council of State agreed to exonerate of his duty as Minister or Domestic Trade to Barbara Castillo Cuesta, who nowadays is carrying out “an important international task appointed by the Council of State”.
Everybody knows who was in charge at that time => Fidel Castro, and even behind closed doors today. Cuba never changes.
The question is, who is really in charge in Venezuela? Is Chavez accomplishing what he swore under law when he took power in front of millions of Venezuelans that he is ruling Venezuela to their own Venezuelans?
How many other “consultants” are giving away orders to Venezuelans Ministers and officials?
And by the way, Barbara Castillo Cuesta never accomplished anything in Cuba, what is she going to accomplish in Venezuela?

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Like a Farm

I read “Animal Farm” in 2008, here in Canada, when I was trying to find “1984” - another work of George Orwell. I knew Orwell novels long time ago, just as references and never as a book I could touch with my fingers, and enjoy even the squeaky sound of their pages as they went through them when you read.
Suddenly, I understood why Orwell and his works were banned in Cuba.
“Animal Farm” addresses not only the corruption of the so-called “revolution” by its leaders but also how wickedness, indifference, ignorance, greed and myopia destroy any possibility of a Utopia=Cuba. Orwell’s novel shows how potential ignorance and indifference to problems within a social process identified as “revolution” could allow horrors to happen, if a smooth transition to a people's government is not achieved.
And that it’s Cuba.
Fidel Castro was raised to power in 1959 and one by one dismantled all the traces of democracy-to-be that possible could be arose by any potential opponent group within the movement he headed to power. Opposition leaders were accused to betrayed the revolution, thousands of opponents to Castro ended their lives in the fire squads without appeal in court, the middle and high class, business owners, intellectuals, artists and hundreds of thousands people escaped from what not too long was a promess to Democracy.
The country was drowned in an era of censorship, repression to any sign of dissidence to any other word or thought but those throw it, loudly and in endless public speeches, by Castro.
Someone had said: look back in every man background and you will find the source of his future behaviour. Fidel Castro’s father was a landowner of a big farm in the eastern province of Cuba, Oriente The farm was named “Biran”. And Angel Castro behaved like any landowner at that time: a tougher and stingy man who never knew the word “NO”.
From him, Fidel Castro inherited his pettiness, the arrogance in his persona that never had allowed others to point their fingers on him, and the haughtiness we all known nowadays. He studied in Jesuit colleges where frugality and severity were the most important virtues. Because of that frugality in his younger age, I truly believe Fidel Castro developed his self-centered persona.
“Biran” then was too small, too meaningless to him. He didn’t want to be a landowner of a small farm in a far province from the capital of Cuba. He wants to be, of course, a landowner, but instead of his father’s farm he wants Cuba.
Since 1959, Fidel Castro had held the Caribbean island like his father held his farm. He wrote the laws and made the tools to control the country. He creates, one by one, the Commandments to keep order and ensure his elementary leadership... within Animal Farm=Cuba.
Remember “Animal Farm” in Orwell?
It is a fable we cannot forget. These are the seven original commandments written by Orwell in that work:
1.    Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy.
2.    Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend.
3.    No animal shall wear clothes.
4.    No animal shall sleep in a bed.
5.    No animal shall drink alcohol.
6.    No animal shall kill any other animal.
7.    All animals are equal.

What it is very interesting is how in Orwell’s novel, and in Fidel Castro’s Cuba, the commandments were changed with a very clever twist.
Corrupted by their absolute power they hold over the farm, Napoleon=Fidel Castro put additions to some commandments to benefit THE PIGS=Castro’s clan while keeping them free of accusations of law-breaking. Here are the new rules written:
1.    No animal shall sleep in a bed with sheets.
2.    No animal shall drink alcohol to excess.
3.    No animal shall kill any other animal without cause.

Eventually the laws are replaced with "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others"
Isn’t sound familiar to you?
Castro has been managing Cuba as Napoleon handled the animal in Orwell’s story. Laws, partisanships, repression, vigilance, corruption and absolute power held in one hand. He wasn’t the landowner Angel Castro was in “Biran”, but in Cuba. It is as plain as that.
That’s why “1984” and especially “Animal Farm” is banned from Cuba’s educational and book publishing system.
Any coincidence and similarity between them are not strictly casual, you can bet.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

The thin line between objectivity and detachment in the western media anchored in Cuba.

February 27 2011, BBC published in its website the following report about the crackdown of Cuba Ladies in White march in Havana:
“Supporters of Cuba's communist government have confronted the opposition Ladies in White group as its members tried to march in Havana.”
That is the lead under the headline BBC reported from Havana and was published in its website, as you can read in this link => Cuba 'Ladies in White' protest blocked.

It is actually interesting how the western media had diminished throughout all these years the reports and statements made by the opposition in Cuba. Words like “alleged” or “the opposition say” are shielding the timid and pale reports of western reporters in Havana.
In the same report, for instance, BBC added a very clever paragraph which is the picture-perfect as how CNN, BBC and others hook their news about Cuba avoiding their own reporter involvement:
“The communist authorities say such demonstrations are spontaneous reactions by ordinary Cubans, but the opposition say they are orchestrated by the government.”
They don’t want to dig their hands in murky waters as you can tell. But here it’s the thing. From the same acts of repudiation reported by BBC as act of confrontation between “supporters” of Cuba’s government and the opposition, in this case the Ladies in White, the BBC’s reporter could find easily who is the actor in that drama who is, without any doubt, lying... if that BBC’s reporter is interested to be truthful and objective.
The picture in this post shows Mirta Cuervo, a very regular “volunteer” – it is the way Cuba’s officials use to tell those who are involved in those acts of repudiation – in many of thos confrontational acts that BBC had reported from Havana.
The personal address of Mirta Cuervo is: Street 28 Number 168, Vedado. Her phone number is: 833 7644. Besides, Mirta Cuervo’s husband, Amador del Valle Portilla, is the former Vice-Minister of Transportation in Cuba.  Both live far away from where the so-called confrontation reported by BBC happened. But the pictures are there and everywhere in internet, Twitter and all the social networks.
Could BBC tell they didn't know when a big name as Amador del Valle was involved in it?
It is pretty illustrative how BBC, CNN and others don’t care a thing to really dig into the actual Cuba. The facts were there, waiting for them to reveal what the opposition in Cuba had said over and over to all these years to these news channels.
I guess more that objectivity, it is actually cold bloody detachment.

Note: The picture and data were taken from Cuba RepresorID blog. I guess BBC and CNN have to check it out frequently.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What CNN and BBC never report about Cuba !!!

This is the kind of picture you won’t ever find as a headline in CNN or BBC, even when those big giants sources of news have reporters in Havana. And it is happening today.
Placetas is a little town in the very center of Cuba, a town where independent journalist Donaida Perez was arrested today by members of Cuban police. With her was also arrested Yris Perez Aguilera, the wife of one of the most prominent dissident in that town: Luis Garcia Perez “Antunez”.
Events like this happen every day in Cuba. Dissident violently arrested. Governmental hordes surrounding opposition leaders’ houses and threatening their families, included children, women and older family members.
But the reporters of those western media are not move to report, even to send a short sentence to their headquarters.
Today, Yris Perez Aguilera had to go to her doctor appointment, and Donaida was there in her house, surrounded since yesterday by Cuban security forces. They were threatening to arrest them if they dare to get out Perez Aguilera’s house, knowing she have to go to check a cyst on her head caused by a beating under Cuban police’s hands.
Isn’t it sound familiar to how the Nazis persecuted the Jews in Germany in the 40’s?
But the CNN reporter doesn’t dare to waste his time to travel beyond Havana’s premises. Sorry, maybe he just gets a picturesque raid to take some pictures in Varadero and get a nice sunbath on its golden sands.
Today, BBC and CNN are not sending any headline about this. I guess, that is not news to western media or they are just accessories in the same crime together with the Castro’s clan.
You bet!!!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mariela Castro Espin touring Amsterdam

"Just one choice, only one" - sounds off Mariela Castro
A smiling face for the old Cuban regime?

A facelift and a young piece of fresh air to what it is the oldest dictatorship in the planet?

Mariela Castro Espin is nowadays the "first daughter" in the ancient regime in Havana, and maybe ... something else?

Could be. What everybody knows, at least in the democratic world of internet, is her rocky start in Twitter.Used to be in charge of that role ("first daughter" in a country where only one voice counts), Marielita sounded off from the very beginning. After received an outstandingly "welcoming" from the exile Cuban community in the social network, and a very suggestive tweet from Yoani Sanchez through Twitter, our "first daughter" went through what it is the only thing  accomplished within Cuban officials campus: insults and old crappy propaganda.

To know what we can expect of those specimens you only need to read one tweet, and here there is what  the well trained "first daughter" came out:

@CastroEspinM Despicable parasites: did you receive the order from your employers to respond to me in unison and with the same predetermined script? Be creative.
By the way, did you notice she twisted her nickname in Twitter putting her first prominent last name first instead of her name?

Is it to claim attention to her blue blood heritage directly from his uncle and father?

It is an eye-opener to those in the worldwide media what happened then, but it is not a surprise for Cubans. Castro Espin, as she prefers being called herself, is only made through the establishment because her blue collar name. Very different from Yoani Sanchez who is a self-made woman by her own merits and her own talent.

Here we are talking with different personalities. One is that "first daughter" who is travelling the world only as the pretty face tourist of an old regime, walking the Amsterdam's famous red-light district. Back in Cuba she doesn't even dare to share the same experience, and the words are different... of course.

It is different to give a welcoming smile to prostitutes in the well educated Europe, back in Cuba the welcoming to prostitutes (called jineteras) is in the police's stations, with harassment and days in jail if they don't tip their captors.

Beyond all that what it is left is the actual face of this "first daughter", not so far from what we know in others similar "revolutionary" monarchical systems in Libia or South Korea. Sons and daughters only grow from the ashes of their own father, and never beyond how they behave and beleive.

It sounds cliche but it is always true, as we saw here. It remember me what Aleksander Kwasnievski said:

Every man is responsible only for his own acts. The sons do not inherit the sins of the fathers. But can we say: that was long ago, they were different?