Thursday, December 15, 2011

Petition To Jack Dorsey (founder and CEO of Twitter) and the Cuban-American Congresspersons

What follows it is a formal PETITION to Jack Dorsey and the Congresspersons US House of Representatives by a group of Cuban exiles, daily users of Twitter, in order to investigate the improper use of Twitter by the Cuban Government. I reproduce literally the English translation of the Petition.

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Dear Sir Jack Dorsey

Dear Sirs Cuban-American Congressmen

The undersigned, wish to draw attention of public opinion on an issue that we consider serious: IMPROPER USE OF SOCIAL NETWORKS, SPECIFICALLY THE TWITTER, by the Castro government.

We denounce the Cuban government, which severely restricted the use of Twitter to private citizens on the island, is introducing its own employees en masse in the same, with the avowed purpose of controlling (1), following instructions to do a very precise issued by the Communist Party of Cuba (2) in what have been called the #cyberwar, and that basically takes place in #Cuba hashtag 

We denounce these profiles exhibit suspicious behavior such as: use of a common avatar (3) to conduct media campaigns, same time input and output of the network, stubborn defense and seamless of the repressive policies of the Castro government, and tacit recognition of the existence of leadership and discipline among them (4), in summarizing the behavior of an organized gang, rather than random individuals. (5)

We denounce that within this group of profiles Castro highlights some real names, clearly identifiable as journalists, Communist Party officials, government officials, agents and spies uncovered Cuban security for themselves or members of the budgeted units "Youth Club" ( 6) especially designed for this purpose of agitation and propaganda apparatus and supervised by the Communist Party of Cuba in order to "tame the wild horse of the Internet" as once said Telecommunications Minister Ramiro Valdes Cuba.

Denounce the use of clearly fascist hashtags like #hoynosalen (7) and other campaigns of incitement to extreme physical violence, which occur when the Ladies in White and dissidents are demonstrating is occurring or an act of repudiation in Cuba, prompting in networks is what is happening there in the street.

For all this ..

We call on the Cuban-American congressmen to investigate whether due to the age of laws relating to the embargo against the dictatorship, created when there were still social networks such as we know, has created a legal vacuum, which is being exploited by tyranny and if these activities mentioned betray the spirit of those laws, by allowing a non-democratic government and included in the list of state sponsors of terrorism becomes an American company, a weapon and ram their propaganda and repression.

We also call on the Cuban-American congressmen to investigate

-If these Cuban officials used Twitter to impersonate the true will of the Cuban people, to justify the repression of peaceful dissent in Cuba, make apology in the same cheering and applauding the beatings, arrests and rallies of repudiation that suffers, and to lie, defame, slander and even a serious threat to life (8) and safety of those who oppose the military dictatorship of the Castro brothers.

-If these Cuban government officials encourage criminal acts in third countries, serving ay echo hassle considered terrorist groups such as ETA, the FARC and Hezbollah and undemocratic governments like Syria, Iran and Venezuela

-If these government officials use a social network Cuban American to defame this country, its form of government and its leaders, while encouraging rebellion in it, and propaganda to the 5 Cuban spies, convicted and confessed , prisoners in U.S. jails.

-If the current demonization of Cuban dissidents, but it is a score before the world public opinion, exploring and creating at the same time the ground for more harshly punish, if necessary, to those people.

Furthermore we asked the Twitter company based in American territory to investigate:

-If you are broadcasting mass messages from Cuba, not from private homes, but from government offices prepared for this purpose, which would be tested if they had all the same IP, and if this is a clear violation of the rules of use of a social network designed for and by individuals

If these state-Castro offices are responsible for the massive creation of clones and controls, accounts that make mass spamming of the regime media flooding the network with their slogans, verbal abuse and apology for the violation of basic human rights the island and constantly harassing other users.

-If these accounts are being manipulated by various people throughout the day, from different sites and if they are making improper use of tools such as Tweetdeck, Twitterfeed on, etc. to keep broadcasting 24 hours a day, as bots

-If these accounts are violating the rules of Twitter in terms of violence and threats: You may not post or send direct threats of violence or specific other. Illegal use: You may not use the Twitter service for any illegal purpose or promoting illegal activities. International users agree to comply with all local laws regarding online conduct and any acceptable content. Accounts in series (9): You may not create multiple accounts for purposes harmful or abusive. Bulk account creation will result in suspension of all accounts. or Spam (10): You may not use the Twitter service for the purpose of sending spam.sobre especially if updates are mostly links and not personal updates

To this we must add that the dissent uses the network because it is the only avenue available to citizens because the government in Cuba has a monopoly on the press so they would not be applicable to all measures depriving the island's IP network access, but just want to take measures with the Castro government officials who make a bad use of these new technologies

Therefore we urge both the owners of Twitter as the Cuban-American congressmen and other competent authorities to take notice of this matter and put an end to these abuses as soon as possible, using existing legal instruments or creating new ones if necessary given the seriousness of the facts

Attached to the blog created for this purpose the evidence we have gathered to justify our claims

We appreciate your cooperation

Note: Please visit the original PETITION's website to get the whole information. Here => GO PETITION !!!