Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ortega-Lazo: A choreographed tribute to a choreographed shrine

According to western media around 4 thousands Cuban gathered along Havana Bay to pray tribute to the Virgin of Charity of Cobre (Virgen de La Caridad del Cobre), a catholic religious icon who has travel all along Cuba for the past 16 months in the first religious display permitted, since the 1950s, by a government that for too long considered the Catholic Church its ideological enemy.
Is it today?
Is this the Church who in 1998 in Santiago de Cuba, in front of thousands and in the voice of Archbishop Pedro Meurice, with the presence of the Pope John Paul II let’s not forget that, challenged the Castro’s clan presence in power and the communist ideology as the centre of Cuba’s society?
Let’s not forget what Monsignor Pedro Meurice said then:
"I introduce as well, an increasing number of Cubans who have confused the nation with a party, the nation with the historical process that we have experienced in recent decades and culture with and ideology. They are Cubans who reject all at once without discern. They feel uprooted rejecting what it is from here and overvalue the foreigner. Some consider this as one of the deepest causes of internal and external exile."
So, has been all of that vanished from Cuba society today?
Are there no more an ideology, “a group of people who reject all at once without discern”, a number of Cubans who have confused the nation with a party?
Then, why paramilitary hordes attack a group of pacific women who only hold a flower in their hands? Why dissidents are jail in punishment cells and beaten only for practicing what it is a recognised human right recognised by United Nations and subscribed by Cuba’s government?
Then, why right now Ivonne Malleza Galano had been transferred to a high security prison in Cuba?
Does Cardinal Ortega know those facts or he is acting a role in this satirical courtship with Cuba’s authorities?
With the presence of the “Vice President” Esteban Lazo and Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in the Mass the show has its stakes high. The last name is the person who, in an event in his ministry, has declared to Cuba’s propaganda system agents they have to assault the social networks in order to vanish any clue of dissent with the party who had claimed the ownership of the nation.
Remember Monsignor Pedro Meurice’s words now?
What it is pretty sad is the presence in that choreographed show of Thomas Wenski, archbishop of Miami, the center of the nearly 2 million-strong Cuban exile community that fled the island after the 1959 coup that put Fidel Castro in power.
Wenksi said to reporters: "I've been able to come here today as a way of expressing the fact that the Cuban people wherever they are, are still one people".
Yes, Monsignor Wenski, we are still one people, even when Cuba’s authorities still don’t recognise that and hold discriminatory laws against us, do you remember that?
What it had happened yesterday was the first state-run cynical show to get ready for the big one coming next year: the visit of Pope Benedict XVI to Cuba.
Twisting what I say in the post about North Korea: this is the rehearsal for another choreographed show... next year


Mario Riva said...

Efectivamente Juan Martin, tienes mucha razon en todo lo que dices. Pero es que esto no es nada nuevo para la Iglesia Católica. La institución siempre ha jugado al sincretismo,ya sea religioso o político, guiados por la premisa de que lo importante es dividir para vencer. Son capaces de jugar en dos y tres bandos, pues lo de ellos nada tiene que ver con la vida terrenal, aunque sean tan "humanos" como el resto de los mortales.
El día de mañana, cuando los hermanos dictadores hayan desaparecido y el actual Cardenal haya pasado a retiro, surgirá otro. Ese nuevo Cardenal será de características muy parecidas al Tarancón de España, hoy venerado por la "transición española".

Juan Martin Lorenzo said...

Mario Riva:

Lo que mas molesta es la "corta memoria" de estos hombres de iglesia muy preocupados en la terrenal presencia mas que en el mensaje espiritual.

¿Es que algo se ha logrado cediendo a las dictaduras alguna vez? Nunca ha ocurrido. Pero asi estamos.

Un saludo