Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kim Jong Il: a death choreographed

The picture could tell the whole story. On your left you can see the original picture that North Korea sent though the TV signals to the world. But... for some strange reasons (not too strange if you know what I mean), the North Korean authorities switched fast the image with a little touch of Adobe Photoshop to the one on the right.
OK, I admit it: not too fast to the sharp eye of The Telegraph to notice that, for some “not too strange” reasons, the group of 6 men on the left were “removed” with some virtual pixels of snow for some North Korean cyber-artist.
If the choreography went so far to remove such a silly details, what’s really going on in that strange country?
How far the authorities of North Korea had gone to sell a picture perfect about the mourning of a dictator who sank millions of people in hunger, meanwhile his generals, family members and himself were pretty well served?
Today, whatsoever, Cuba’s state media had ignored such a goofy detail and had rendered the so-expected tribute to a dictator who kept the North Korean on his hard grip.
Will be that the rehearsal for another choreographed death in the Caribbean soon?
Do you know to whom I am talking about, right?