Thursday, November 24, 2011

The thin line between objectivity and detachment in the western media anchored in Cuba.

February 27 2011, BBC published in its website the following report about the crackdown of Cuba Ladies in White march in Havana:
“Supporters of Cuba's communist government have confronted the opposition Ladies in White group as its members tried to march in Havana.”
That is the lead under the headline BBC reported from Havana and was published in its website, as you can read in this link => Cuba 'Ladies in White' protest blocked.

It is actually interesting how the western media had diminished throughout all these years the reports and statements made by the opposition in Cuba. Words like “alleged” or “the opposition say” are shielding the timid and pale reports of western reporters in Havana.
In the same report, for instance, BBC added a very clever paragraph which is the picture-perfect as how CNN, BBC and others hook their news about Cuba avoiding their own reporter involvement:
“The communist authorities say such demonstrations are spontaneous reactions by ordinary Cubans, but the opposition say they are orchestrated by the government.”
They don’t want to dig their hands in murky waters as you can tell. But here it’s the thing. From the same acts of repudiation reported by BBC as act of confrontation between “supporters” of Cuba’s government and the opposition, in this case the Ladies in White, the BBC’s reporter could find easily who is the actor in that drama who is, without any doubt, lying... if that BBC’s reporter is interested to be truthful and objective.
The picture in this post shows Mirta Cuervo, a very regular “volunteer” – it is the way Cuba’s officials use to tell those who are involved in those acts of repudiation – in many of thos confrontational acts that BBC had reported from Havana.
The personal address of Mirta Cuervo is: Street 28 Number 168, Vedado. Her phone number is: 833 7644. Besides, Mirta Cuervo’s husband, Amador del Valle Portilla, is the former Vice-Minister of Transportation in Cuba.  Both live far away from where the so-called confrontation reported by BBC happened. But the pictures are there and everywhere in internet, Twitter and all the social networks.
Could BBC tell they didn't know when a big name as Amador del Valle was involved in it?
It is pretty illustrative how BBC, CNN and others don’t care a thing to really dig into the actual Cuba. The facts were there, waiting for them to reveal what the opposition in Cuba had said over and over to all these years to these news channels.
I guess more that objectivity, it is actually cold bloody detachment.

Note: The picture and data were taken from Cuba RepresorID blog. I guess BBC and CNN have to check it out frequently.