Sunday, November 27, 2011

Recycling Cuba in Venezuela

Now that the gold is reaching Venezuela it is important to remember then who are in charge in that country. Journalists, opposition leaders and Venezuelans have been pointing out the increasing tendency to hand down to Cuban officials settled in Miraflores and other Venezuelan governmental dependencies what Chavez swore when He got in power: get in charge of Venezuela.
What it is more really significant it who are the Cubans officials, or former Cuban officials in charge of Venezuela. Most important: what is their role in Chavez’s government?
Well. I didn’t make a mistake when I said “former”. It looks like Fidel Castro and his successor in the throne, the second brother – he always had came as a second – Raul Castro are recycling old former high-ranked Cuban officials in Venezuela’s government... as consultants.
Again, you have to question the consultant category when you see, for instant, Barbara Castillo, the former Minister of Domestic Trade in Cuba (or Interior Trade as remember here, in this website => Cuba’s Government) working close to Chavez, demanding rather than suggesting what to import or to do in Venezuela, as you can see in this documents I found in internet => Freedom in Venezuela    
It is a big naivety to suggest Barbara Castillo Cuesta is just a simple consultant in Chavez’s government. And by the way, Castillo Cuesta was exonerated to continue as the Minister of Domestic Trade, according to GRANMA (the official newspaper of Cuba’s Communist Party), and I quote as it had been written in this Cuban website=> Cuba A la Mano:
Diario Granma informa que a propuesta del Buró Politico del Comité Central del Partido, el Consejo de Estado acordó liberar del cargo de ministra de Comercio Interior a Bárbara Castillo Cuesta, quien actualmente cumple “una importante tarea internacionalista asignada por el Consejo de Estado”.
GRANMA informs that by a suggestion made it by the Politburo of the Central Comitte of Cuba’s Communist Party, the Council of State agreed to exonerate of his duty as Minister or Domestic Trade to Barbara Castillo Cuesta, who nowadays is carrying out “an important international task appointed by the Council of State”.
Everybody knows who was in charge at that time => Fidel Castro, and even behind closed doors today. Cuba never changes.
The question is, who is really in charge in Venezuela? Is Chavez accomplishing what he swore under law when he took power in front of millions of Venezuelans that he is ruling Venezuela to their own Venezuelans?
How many other “consultants” are giving away orders to Venezuelans Ministers and officials?
And by the way, Barbara Castillo Cuesta never accomplished anything in Cuba, what is she going to accomplish in Venezuela?