Sunday, November 20, 2011

Mariela Castro Espin touring Amsterdam

"Just one choice, only one" - sounds off Mariela Castro
A smiling face for the old Cuban regime?

A facelift and a young piece of fresh air to what it is the oldest dictatorship in the planet?

Mariela Castro Espin is nowadays the "first daughter" in the ancient regime in Havana, and maybe ... something else?

Could be. What everybody knows, at least in the democratic world of internet, is her rocky start in Twitter.Used to be in charge of that role ("first daughter" in a country where only one voice counts), Marielita sounded off from the very beginning. After received an outstandingly "welcoming" from the exile Cuban community in the social network, and a very suggestive tweet from Yoani Sanchez through Twitter, our "first daughter" went through what it is the only thing  accomplished within Cuban officials campus: insults and old crappy propaganda.

To know what we can expect of those specimens you only need to read one tweet, and here there is what  the well trained "first daughter" came out:

@CastroEspinM Despicable parasites: did you receive the order from your employers to respond to me in unison and with the same predetermined script? Be creative.
By the way, did you notice she twisted her nickname in Twitter putting her first prominent last name first instead of her name?

Is it to claim attention to her blue blood heritage directly from his uncle and father?

It is an eye-opener to those in the worldwide media what happened then, but it is not a surprise for Cubans. Castro Espin, as she prefers being called herself, is only made through the establishment because her blue collar name. Very different from Yoani Sanchez who is a self-made woman by her own merits and her own talent.

Here we are talking with different personalities. One is that "first daughter" who is travelling the world only as the pretty face tourist of an old regime, walking the Amsterdam's famous red-light district. Back in Cuba she doesn't even dare to share the same experience, and the words are different... of course.

It is different to give a welcoming smile to prostitutes in the well educated Europe, back in Cuba the welcoming to prostitutes (called jineteras) is in the police's stations, with harassment and days in jail if they don't tip their captors.

Beyond all that what it is left is the actual face of this "first daughter", not so far from what we know in others similar "revolutionary" monarchical systems in Libia or South Korea. Sons and daughters only grow from the ashes of their own father, and never beyond how they behave and beleive.

It sounds cliche but it is always true, as we saw here. It remember me what Aleksander Kwasnievski said:

Every man is responsible only for his own acts. The sons do not inherit the sins of the fathers. But can we say: that was long ago, they were different?