Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "little sparrow" of Havana

Svetlana Alliluyeva Stalin was the only daughter of Joseph Stalin. Her life was spent in the shadow of the man who helped to forge Soviet communism, led the nation to victory in World War II, and was held responsible for killing more people than Hitler.
Much-married, restless, quarrelsome and elusive, she was Stalin's "Little Sparrow" and wrote of his somber temperament, defected to the US, returned to the U.S.S.R., and finally came back to rural Wisconsin where she died alone this Nov. 22 of colon cancer.
Probably her last words were, to a local newspaper in US: "I will always be a political prisoner of my father's name”
And she was.
How much of this “little sparrow” can we find in the little Benjamin(a) in Cuba?
Left alone without the protective umbrella of his father and uncle in Cuba, how would be the life and adventures of Mariela Castro Espin who is holding a seat in some obscure Cuban institution because her last name?
When she won’t have the privileges and the commodities of her last names attached, would she become stranded, confused, lost in her memories and hatred?
Would she refuse to use her father and uncle’s last name and became probably her husband or someone else?
Would she write any memoir condemning her and Cuba’s past under her famous relatives?
Who knows?
What we know, certainly, it is she will be a “political prisoner of” his father and uncle’s name because she is part of their sombre history over Cuba.