Monday, November 28, 2011

Italy: a refuge to Castro’s family?

It is not the first time we see Alex Castro in Italy sharing hands with local artists. Of course, Italy is very close to Fidel and Raul Castro, don’t forget Mariela Castro Espin has a flamboyant husband who is Italian (Paolo Titolo, look at the front picture of this post) who is, by the way, not surprisingly... a photographer. What a coincidence!!!
Alex Castro is... a photographer!!! ... for the Cuban Ballet in some Cuban official websites, in others he is under the payroll list of the ICRT (Cuban Television Institute – belonging to Cuba’s government). As a matter of fact, it is not important to which staff Castro’s breed belongs, the important here is to check how the Castro’s clan is behaving in Cuba, controlling every single aspect of Cuba, moving around, getting into positions of privilege and sparing a very nice time under the “tag” of “representing Cuba around the world.
Of course, they are not paying their trip to Holland or Italy with their own money. Here, you can check how Alex Castro has been visiting Italy sponsored by Italians artists, and I guess with the “salaries” his father is giving to him in Cuba:

As you can see, the propaganda about the old exhibition of photography by Alex Castro is sponsored by the Embassy of Cuba in Italy. I also believe that Castro Espin’s husband is helping a lot throughout all this “diplomatic” relationships between Italy and Cuba. And here it is a post in one of those newspapers in Italy referencing Alex Castro Soto del Valle in his way through it => Gazzetta di Parma.
The question arisen is: how much money this Benjamin is getting from his business in Italy?
Ah, that one was the last exhibition of Alex, the new one if here, look at it:

It is a brand new “exhibition” of a non-self-made man whose family usually calls real self-made Cubans “parasites”. Remember, Mariela?
It is obvious: you first get a liar rather than a lame.