Wednesday, April 6, 2011

To our Canadian Leaders: time to say Good Bye to Castro

Canada leaders party

The most important leader’s parties in Canada are in an election trial. Travelling across our country and speaking about their own platform and policies, the leaders are delineating their policies-to-be to catch our attention and vote.

So, it is time to hear our leaders to talk about their foreign policies. Especially toward those hot spots where Canada usually speaks too little. Cuba is one of them.

The Canadian guidelines toward Cuba were written by Liberals, especially by Trudeau’s government. Today, those guidelines are old, dated and don’t stick to the new times in America. It is a good time to overthrow them and write a proper and decent policy against all dictators worldwide and especially to Cuba, and then Canada would have a cohesive and consistent policy to achieve democracy in the Caribbean island.

Canadian governments, and Canadians in general, had been fooled with the idea of changing Cuba’s behaviour in the human rights arena with “engaging policies”. 53 years of “engaging” and still Castro is in power, his outstanding violations against basic civil rights and their own people are well know elsewhere, even in Canada, and our politicians are still deaf and mute about Castro.

What could Canada do in Havana to help Cubans to overthrow Castro’s regime and bring democracy to Cuba?

Canada could open an information centre in its embassy in Havana, like the one it is open in US Interest Section there. A place where Cubans could access internet and reach the information who is banned from them by Cuba’s government.

Canada could present a motion in the United Nations to withdraw Cuba from being a member of The UN Human Rights Conceal, a place where Cuba doesn’t belong by its history of abuse and repression.

Canada could help with especial protection to some prominent dissidents like Oswaldo Paya and Oscar Elias Biscet supporting their candidacy as Nobel Price in 2011. And at the same time, helps Cuban independent journalists with support, especially with access to internet and the social worldwide networks.

And the Canadian government could be more active and critic publicly about Cuba, its tyrants and its policies in worldwide events. Canada should help US government to condemn worldwide Cuba’s regime in the international arena.

We are facing an election now. It is time to our leaders to speak out against the last bastion of totalitarianism and tyranny in the Western Hemisphere. It is time to say Good Bye, Mr Castro and Welcome Democratic Cuba.