Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Socialist Aristocracy in Castro’s land

Castros High clases

Is this Cuba or Miami? Is this Communism, Socialism XXI Century or purely Castrismo, a term very well-know for Cuban exiles?

It is Castro’s aristocracy. On your left Ernesto Milanes, married with Ramiro Valdes’ granddaughter (on the picture at your right) Castro's henchman from the very beginning of Cuba’s regime. Ernesto Milanes has been accused of drug trafficking, but it is also a well-socialist businessman in charge to sell cigars humidifiers in Miami. I guess, he is not going to be accused in Cuban official television of being a mercenary or CIA Agent. On the picture, Milanes is enjoying a nice trip through a golf club in Maya Riviera, Mexico.

Center stage, though, we have the same Cuban aristocrat sharing a nice dinner with Joaquín Monserrate, who holds a position as Political/Economic Chief in US Interest Section in Havana. As you could notice, it is not a simple interchange of “ideas” between the official Cuba’s enemy, US diplomats, and one of the high ranked ¿officials?. I don’t know, I never heard about Ernesto Milanes being part of Cuba Counsel of Ministers.

But he is there. Traveling to Mexico, Bahamas, sharing nice drinks with the enemy, getting in and out of Cuba without any problem, any especial permission, any of the especial documents required by the government to all Cubans but him. Nobody disturbs the lavish life to this personage, and as you see on the right, he is married with one of the closest relatives of the most influential official in Cuba at the highest level.

Meanwhile, you can contrast how the same officials treat a small group of women in Havana, during one of the well known acts of repudiations. See the picture at the end of this post.

Those women don’t go to US Interest Section in Havana to drink whisky, enjoy a nice cigar or have a lavish dinner. They are fighting to pull out of Castro’s jails their husbands and Cuba’s political prisoners. But they are accused of being mercenaries of the same guy who is hugging Ernesto Milanes.

damas_de_blancoJudge yourself. Who are the mercenaries here?

Who are living a mercenary life, trafficking with Cuba’s future and having a nice life meanwhile others are living in slums in Havana?

Who is the CIA’s agent?

Who should be called Cuba’s enemy?