Friday, April 22, 2011

The face of an angel

There are stories deep in the sorrows and sufferings of human kind. This is one of them.

Angel Luis is a little two year old child. A child like anyone in this world, with the face and the innocence of his age, but with the sufferings and the scars of those who never are showed in the Cuban media ruled by Castro’s government.

Angel Luis is the face of an angel, but with the injures of a regime who over daily basis proud its achievements in Health Care and Human Rights. What an irony !!!

When Angel Luis was born, he saw his first light with a tumour in his liver but the doctors to whom his mother went to his aid didn’t recognize his health problems. He was showing a swelling over his stomach. Only after one month and 9 days, his sufferings were detected: a liver tumour at his tender age. They decided to operate the little angel.

But the tragedy of this little face you can watch in the video, living with his mother and his older sister in their house, didn’t finish. Ariadna Molina (Angel’s mother, in the video) was informed that this little Angel suffered “an accident” in the surgery room. The amazing Cuban doctors and the extraordinary Health Care system failed and refused to explain to his mother how was the accident, what’s happened in the surgery room. They refuse to acknowledge Angel’s injuries under his doctors’ knife.

As you can see on the video, and his mother explain, Angel showed burns and scars all over his little leg and in the next 24 hours, the doctors decided to amputate the little child limb.

All Along this excruciating story, the Cuban doctors treating our little Angel refused to explain and let his parents see Angels’ leg. Unfortunately, Angels always go through the most extreme sufferings to show love and happiness, no matter what this world of merciless men makes to them.

As Fanny J. Crosby said:

“Angels descending, bring from above,
Echoes of mercy, whispers of love.”

One week after the little Angel lost his leg, he suffered a gastrointestinal perforation and had to be again under his doctors knife. And at this time he had to hold a colostomy for 11 months. During all that time the Health Care system, praised by Cuban media and all its sycophants around the world, dismissed Ariadna claims for help with medical materials to her little angel, living in a ramshackle house and with too many illness in his little body. That is the cruel reality little Angel had suffered throughout all this two years.

Ariadna Molina is an independent journalist in Castro’s gulag: Cuba. It has been hardest to her to reach help from Cuban authorities. Especially with their ramshackle house, Ariadna had tried all the different levels of Cuba’s bureaucracy. The answer was her little house is not as critical as other. That was the answer from the Housing Institute in Cuba, the official Cuban institution dealing with housing’s policy.

From al the levels of Communist Party of Cuba, her claims have been diminished from officials telling her to go to the aids of Human Rights organizations to whom they say she is a mercenary. Our little Angel in Cuba is a victim of Castro’s government bias toward the civil society in Cuba, but it is a case too many times repeated to those who don’t have a voice on Cuba’s propaganda system.

Ariadna Molina has a blog. I will recommend to all of you who understand Spanish, or at least, could translate into English her posts to read and help her to spread the sorrows of our little Angel in Cuba to read his story and share.

After all, Angels are here to be listen.