Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Castro’s cyberwar

A few weeks ago Cuba’s government threw a furious attack against some of the most prominent independent bloggers through all the Cuban media: TV, newspapers, official websites and the social network, Twitter and Facebook. The media attack was more a prevented measure against the emergent Cuban cyber-society in a country where to have an internet connection is a luxury a very few could have at their homes.

Ironically, though, it is Cuba’s government who has pulling off a huge propaganda system throughout the worldwide network and Twitter to galvanize a solidarity to its behalf. Day after day, 24/7 the Cuban official media is sending hundreds of messages, tweets and with a huge presence in the cyber-space, the hash tag #Cuba sometimes is overwhelm with messages repeated by many others many time. It is a long and bored march of tweets repeated to no end.

Many of those Twitter users are sending tweets through automatic services the social network provides 24 hours daily, as you can see in the picture at the bottom of the post. But it is not only that. Cuba is using many of their personnel abroad to have a heavy presence nowadays in internet.

In fact, many of them are tweeting from around the world, sitting in our comfortable and Democratic world, enjoying the commodities and tools our democracy give to all of us, but our of reach of the normal citizen in Cuba.

The video within this post shows you some of the twitter accounts you will find on daily basis in Hash Tag #Cuba, tweeting as they were doing from Cuba, but instead, they are in Europe, US, Venezuela, Argentina, Panama, Hungary and many others countries. Tweeting about a tyranny and its “prosperity” in our Democratic world.

It is a cynicism of humongous proportion to find that it is in the US where you can find the most significant presence of Cuban official Twitter accounts, and “friends” whose only job is to tweet about Cuba. And, many times, you will find Twitter Accounts with profiles like:

@CubaVIP: Cuba VIP - Car Rental in Cuba, Hotel Reservation Cuba, Travel Books, Exclusive tours, Cuba Cruises, Flights & much more

But then you will see between a few marketing tweets something like:

@CubaVIP: Cuba confía las reformas a la vieja guardia comunista: El gobernante Partido Comunista de Cuba (*)

(*) The tweet translated says: Cuba trusts in the reforms presented by the old communist guard: The Communist Party of Cuba

Just take a look to the video and the picture below offering you statistics(*) about some of the most important Cuban Twitter accounts and those users tweeting abroad and not in Cuba.

Hypocrisy, lies and misinformation are the so called cyber-war blamed over US and western countries in Cuba. It is Castro's government who is pulling off the feet on that pedal, without any doubt.


(*) The statistic is a courtesy of ALANA1962 blog, whose author is Ana Julia Mena, who has been denouncing the same and have a lead with statistics and more information.