Sunday, April 17, 2011

Castro’s cyber-soldiers in Democracies

Castro cybersoldiers

Yesterday I revealed a video showing some of the Twitter accounts created in our democratic world by Castro’s cyber-soldiers to spreads their bunch of lies, manipulative news and capture public attention elsewhere but in Cuba.

It is a cynicism that meanwhile Cuba’s government prohibits to their citizen their access to internet, the same bunch of thugs are using the tools our democracies give to all to support a regime that Reporters without Borders had catalogued as one of the ten enemies of internet.

With a public tool that you can access here: you could easily reach results like the one I showing you on the picture. That map uncovers not only Twitter-agents worldwide, it uncovers that many of Cuba Twitter accounts are living abroad, like the picture that follow this post.

So, the point is: Is Cuba “under” cyber-war? Or is Cuba’s government who is using our democracies as a place to hold its own cyber-war?

Look at the next picture, her name is “Yanexis” and she says in her Twitter account that she is a designer of a local newspaper in ¿Camaguey? Cuba. I guess she has a very bad knowledge of geography, or her taste of American cuisine in Virginia had affected her quite a bit. The fact is she is tweeting from Virginia, the heart of “imperialism” as Castro’s cyber-soldiers like to name US.

Enjoy the picture !!!!!

Castro cybersoldiers 01