Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Roman Circus

Colossem Panoraman Wikipedia

In the old roman empire, Emperors used the Colosseum to entertain the public with free games. Those games were a symbol of prestige and power and they were a way for an emperor to increase his popularity. Games were held for a whole day or even several days in a row.

Usually started with comical acts and displays of exotic animals the games were ended with fights to the death between animals and gladiators or between gladiators. These fighters were usually slaves, prisoners of war or condemned criminals.

Early morning, the impressive structure would show a duel between exotic animals, like lions and men, mostly empty handed or with small knives or swords. It was in the afternoon when professional gladiators showed off battling to death according to the desire of the spectators across their audience.

But it was at evenings when the actual deadly show would start. Showing fights between condemned death prisoners, usually one of them unarmed and the other just with a short sword or knife. Though, it was actually a duel held between those two sentenced men to death and their public audience. A free macabre spectacle of murder and blood, that was it was.

Today, without any euphemism, we can see the same spectacles now and then in Cuba under Castro’ siege. The last of those miserable’s was held throughout the week in with Castro’s opposition remembered Zapata Tamayo’s death under a hunger strike.

As usual, the public spectators began with a duel between defenceless women handing up a picture of Zapata and chanting “Zapata Live” and the usual Castro’s lions. A circus too many times repeated through our long years under our communist regime. It is, as Wikipedia had stated about Colosseum’s history: a display of exotic animals power against usually defenceless prisoners.

In the afternoon, as a mimic of the same Roman Circus, we had the professional gladiators (Cuban’s propaganda lions on TV and newspapers) against the small groups of dissidents without the democratic possibility to defends themselves in Cuba’s media. Defenceless, with no voices and rights to reply on equal conditions as the official Cuban gladiators. That was, and still is, how Fidel Castro understand Cuba’s democracy: an unidirectional truth.

At night, Castro offered the same well known displays of his old goebbelian’s techniques: a duet of Castro’s spies within dissident groups depicting their old fellows as "US vassals”, “mercenaries” and “counter-revolutionaries”, people who only will is overturn Cuban Revolution. By the way, what is left of that Cuban Revolution after all these years? Nothing. besides, who are the mercenaries in Castro's land? The Cuban media who is paid by Castro’s government. That’s the truth.

But the circus was there, and it will be there as long as Castro withholds his power anyhow. It is his long standing technique to scorn his opponents piling up any amount of slurs and lies. A truly roman tradition in their old gladiator style: Thumb down to crush his detractors on people’s eyes. A way to punish any sort of dissidence with fear, menace and repression

We have been watching those libels on Cuba’ state TV along all these years. It won’t be the last, for sure.