Sunday, March 13, 2011

Designed to Fail

Design to Fail

Alan Gross’ fate is over. Cuba’s judiciary system had sentenced the American contractor to 15 years in prison for “crimes” against Castro's government.

Now the question is: what is going to happen to Gross, ailing with diseases he had developed after months in jail?

The US has warned through is Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, that there can be no further easing of relations between the two countries until he is released.

Until 53 years, and more than 9 administrations, the US government still doesn’t understand the fact that Castro won’t move a finger to normalize his relations with America. The American policies toward Cuba had failed, it has been failing along all these years not because the US policies are wrong. Some of them have been wrong, let’s face it. But the key component in the failure with Cuba is Fidel Castro.

Despite goodwill steps offered during Democrat administrations like Carter’s, Cuba hasn’t done anything. Still it is the biggest destabilizing key factor in Latin America. It remains the only country in Latin America that represses virtually all forms of political dissent. The so-call reformer Raul Castro has kept Cuba's repressive legal and institutional structures firmly in place. Nothing has changed.

Following the death of a political prisoner on hunger strike in February 2010, Orlando Zapata, Cuba’s government has released many of its political prisoners, forcing most into exile, Castro's way to dismantle his opposition. It has been a desperate measure to open some doors in Europe caused by Cuba’s financial crisis and the amount of criticism pile up against the regime after Zapata’s death.

One by one, Raul Castro’s government has refused to acknowledge the openings of the Obama’s administration. The only sign of goodwill, just a hilarious one, has been to stop flying black flags in front of the US diplomatic mission in Havana. What a joke!!!

In the case of Alan Gross, as I said in another post, what it would happen to Gross in the early future couldn’t be foretold. He could be use as a puppet in Castro’s hands to try to exchange for his beloved spies in American jails.

Or, what it is very likeable, Castro would agree to free him as a “goodwill” gesture to United States to prompt solidarity within American politicians and the international community, very well fooled by him for so long.

All the US policies to deal with Cuba are designed to fail. None of them will succeed to bring democracy to Cuba until Castro's government disappear and be replaced by a democratic government who allow Cubans to decide their own future under democratic elections. Every step that America should do is to vanish Castro from Cuba’ stage: no question about it.

Obama administration has relaxed travel restrictions to the island and limits on sending money. US has opened more airport to allow flights to Cuba and allow telecommunications companies to make business with Castro. So far, Barack Obama had done more than his predecessors in office and hadn’t get anything in exchange. So, the sticking point still is Fidel Castro, and that is what Americans have to acknowledge.

From 1959 Castro has chosen to keep his people within walls, isolated and declare his personal war against America. But what Castro never knew was that the walls never keep the outsiders out, but the insiders in.

If the American Administration want to help Cuba, its mission has to be to bring down those walls, bring back Cuba to our democratic world. Remove Castro from the map. That is the only solution possible.