Saturday, March 26, 2011

Cyber-war Cyber-Delay Cyber-Cuba


From the images showed through Cuba’s state’ sponsored television Cubans probably get an inside how deep in the hole and how far back they are in this interconnected world.

Castro's propaganda system has been showing in the last few week a series of “documentaries” about some undisclosed “cyber-war” against its revolution.

The usual suspects, as always, don’t have a voice to reply Cuba’s government arguments against them. As everybody knows, Fidel Castro’s official journalists, newspapers and TV stations only offered an unidirectional opinion about everything, and especially their opponents. They are out of Cuba’s media.

That moves to think without any hesitation that the actual cyber-war is not against Cuba’s government at all. Instead against its citizens, its independent bloggers and its civil society. Is that how Raul Castro understand the so-called “reforms”?

In the other hand, a small group of dissidents with the prominent Cuban blogger-dissident Yoani Sanchez sent to YouTube another video showing their opinion, who has been not only diminished and ignored by Cuban media, but also as an answer to all those prefabricated accusations showed in Cuba’s propaganda system.

The original series, however, gave to Cubans a small peek about how far away they are in this world when it comes to internet, social networks and information system. It shows, indeed, that the optical cable connecting Venezuela and Cuba didn’t come to bring the world to Cuba, but to enclose and isolate Cuba from the world. That cable only feeds Castro's officials.

Nevertheless, It shows how far and how deep this “cyber-war” became a cyber-delay to our civil rights in our country. In this interconnected world Cuba is plugging itself off and lifting another wall to jail its citizen opinion.

Walls and fears don’t stop the human intelligence, whatsoever. The small blogger society, grew outside Castro’ system is growing no matter what. It is a question of time that this cyber-war, cyber-delay, cyber-Cuba will be far behind and we will be witnessing a new Cuba from its ashes as the ave phoenix did. Sooner or later…