Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cuba: money’s wasted basket

Money wasted basket

Cuba’s had done endless attempts to convince American politicians, Congress lobbyists, artists and any simple citizen in that country to get the embargo lifted. The last but not the least I guess is Jimmy Carter with his visit to Cuba today.

I guess Alan Gross is a particular burning point in his agenda, and maybe Castro is dreaming to exchange the American contractor, trapped in the networks of intrigues and conspiracies that Cuba’s government had knitted for 53 years in the bilateral dispute with US, with the 5 spies jailed in Miami. Nobody knows, whatsoever, what is the actual agenda of Jimmy carter in Havana.

He met some dissidents, the Ladies in White and some independent bloggers. He claimed he is not in Cuba to ask about Alan Gross. So, if he has some hidden agenda by the US government?

For sure his visit was well-known by Cuban authorities. Nobody as prominent as Jimmy Carter travels to Cuba unprepared and unknowing Castro in advance his intentions and his agenda. Carter Foundation, however, only acknowledge the visit and Castro’s intentions are a mystery as usual. Would be the embargo over the table with Jimmy Carter?

Cuba’s authorities are desperate asking Obama administration to lift the embargo. Cuba is in need of credits. Its financial system is in bankruptcy for so long and in desperate need of American credits that probably they allowed Carter to visit them in hope to open the door to any negotiation possible. Alan Gross is, in this case, a good merchandise to exchange “goodwill” policies in Castro’s thoughts.

America controls the whole world finance system and Castro is at the end of his rope. Venezuela will face in 2012 a new elections in with nobody knows what it is going to happen with Chavez. The question is: is this the time when America should lift the embargo?

Don’t forget Cuba is, literally, a wasted basket for money. Since 1986 Cuba’s government owed money to the whole world and had been trying to renegotiate its humongous debt. 25 billion dollars in debts owes Castro to the Russian. Millions had been frozen in Cuba’s hands. That money had to be paid to Canada and Spain, the most important investors in the island.

Castro never pays. He takes the money and run, literally. And today he is in need of actual credit. Will be Carter the tamed dove to bring the embargo over Obama desk?

It is not clear Carter’s agenda, but Carter is an US former-president. He is not a fool, for sure. Although it was Castro with the crisis of the rafters in the 80’s who made Carter to loose his re-election. I guess, he learned his lesson then and won’t be a fool. But you never know.

In that way, Carter said everything and gave a rare mixture of declarations, many of them confusing and indeed more positives to the tyranny rather to the people of Cuba, in need to change its country forever.

Mr. Carter was unable, whatsoever, to resolve a key sticking point between the Castro regime and Obama administration: the release of jailed US contractor Alan Gross. For sure it is enough to cast Carter's trip as a disappointment very well-know for everybody who knows well Castro and it won’t provide a major turning point in relations severed 50 years ago by Cuba.

Mr Carter, go home. Keep save American pockets, away from Fidel Castro’s hands. That’s the best signal Carter could tell to Obama without any doubt.