Sunday, March 27, 2011

Crying Cuba, crying tourists

Havana 082

53 years Cuban authorities have been blaming US about everything, but it didn’t stop for crying its tourists, its money, its delicious tourism market.

It is a strange combination how Cuban and Venezuelan rulers despise Americans policies, capitalism and other forms of open markets policies. But still all of them are fast to enjoy capitalism delicacies, the so-blamed American money and visitors from that abhorred country.

Rare combination of feelings. Rare ideology who blamed capitalism and claim visitors from capitalism. Is that not a contradiction in principles? What kind of ideology is that?

Cuba’s government asserted it has relationships with more than 180 countries in the entire world. Then, why are they so desperate about American visitors, investors and relationships? Why are them asking US to lift the embargo meanwhile share ideological roots with China and Vietnam? Why aren’t they bargain merchandise with those Asian countries? Could be because those countries don’t have confidence in Cuba and Castro’s financial abilities and commitment to pay?

Cuba’s oracle, Fidel Castro, claimed effortless many times in public speeches worldwide he doesn’t need Americans In Cuba, but still at the same time he has been crying desperately for the end of the American embargo in international organizations like United Nations. I guess the line between delusional and hypocrisy is very fine in Cuba’s government.

Meanwhile, Cubans are living in crumbling buildings like the one you see in the picture (*). Instead of being concern about those citizens living there, Cuba’s authorities speak out about Haiti, Japan and someone elsewhere.

Claiming for others rather than for their own citizens is the actual stamp of Castro's officials. Populism, high levels of hypocrisy and double standards are the face of the Cuban foreign policy.

Far away, in beautiful resorts in Varadero and Cayo Coco, flamboyant hotels is flowering their landscape with beauty and comfort for tourists, the ones Castro is claiming everyday. In Havana, though, Cubans are cornered to live in citadels even in Havana’s downtown.

What is the level of morality, decency and self-respect that a government has for its own people when it is more concern about other that its citizens?

Is that “revolution”, Socialism, Communism as the ideological “father” of Cuba’s regime claims? Is that what Fidel Castro promised in 1953 in his famous trial when he attacked Moncadas’s barracks?

Cuba’s tourism industry had said that more than 2 million of tourists travelled in 2010. The point is, how much of that industry need foreign support and how much consume? What is the actual profit of all that? Hidden numbers in Cuba are those.

Silently, and very quiet, some Cuban officials had confessed that al least 75 percent of Cuba’s tourism system has to be imported from abroad. So, too much concern for Castro's favourite citizens, the tourists, that not improve anything in Cuba’s economy and can’t be see in Cubans personal budget.

Is Fidel Castro crying to improve that with Americans tourists? And, after all, would be invested in people’s needs or in more hotels and lousy economic adventures?

It won’t change anything until the whole system won’t change as a whole. Irresponsibility, economic failures and lousy adventures have been the sum of all economic system in Castro’s era. That is not going to change with the whim of another Castro.

(*) Picture taken in September 8th 2010