Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Antonio Castro (Fidel Castro’ son) CIA’s agent, Mercenary or what?

Antonio Castro with Good Company

The picture talks tons for itself. Meanwhile Cuba’s government make its harvest blaming dissidents, bloggers and citizen with opinions for being “mercenaries”, CIA’s agents and terrorists in the hands of a foreign government (usually US government) Antonio Castro, one of the most prominent sons of Fidel Castro, takes a sip and enjoy a nice party in a private space in Cuba with the third man in the rank of the US Interest Section in Havana.

What did they talk?

Antonio Castro is not holding, officially, any important position in Cuba’s government, is it? Then, how did he get there? What are the topics of this friendly meeting with Joaquín Monserrate, who holds a position as Political/Economic Chief in US Interest Section in Havana?

Joaquin Monserrate is one of the sources of some information disclosure by Wikileaks, as you can check in the following link:


This is the person to whom Antonio Castro met last February in Havana and have a nice cigar and drink with him as you can see in the pictures (Alejandro Castro is the 2nd from the left and Mr Monserrate is the one with the white shirt).

So, from whom Monserrate did get the information about Cuba quoted in Wikileaks? From Cuban dissidents, bloggers or independent journalist? Or from Mr Castro sipping a nice wine with Mr Monserrate, having a nice conversation and spending a perfect afternoon?

Meanwhile Havana points out to Cubans who briefly talks or hold meeting in some diplomatic premises or in casual meetings as mercenaries and CIA’s agents, the monarchy’s heirs chat and share wine and cigars in nice dinners and parties. Who are the actual mercenaries here?

Why Cuba’s propaganda system doesn’t show this pictures in their government’ sponsored television, blogs and Twitter?

Why any of those named “journalists” who hold official blogs in Cuba’s websites don’t put those pictures and explain what are they talking in such meetings?

Who are the mercenaries? Who are sipping wine and giving information to US diplomats?

Check yourself and don’t be fool by Cuba’s media and officials.