Monday, February 21, 2011

The rituals

Castro's rituals

Recently, Cuba’s propaganda system has announced publicly Castro brothers have been elected as delegates to the 6th Congress of the only allowed party in Havana. For sure, that is not something new to tell.

For 5 decades the rituals of our Caribbean monarchy have been frozen in time. Every socialist “election” brings the same bunch of officials. Every Congress of the few allowed organizations brings the same stalls of our well-known officials.

Year after year Cubans had gone through their life listening the same unchangeable news: Fidel Castro has been “elected” to the next Congress of anything. It is a ritual very dangerous to change.

Despite the fact this 6th Congress of the Communist Party had to be celebrated long time ago, actually every 5 years according to its own statutes, and even when Fidel Castro had announced publicly he is no more in charge (which I had always doubted), today we wake up with the “surprising” news about his “election” as delegate and the dubious fact that that Congress will “decide” if Castro will rule for another “5 years” his own party. Hilarious !!!

Nobody decides in Cuba rather than Castro. This is a fact. Theories in Socialist regimes are pretty predictable when it comes to the factual establishment. The official political agenda every election year is to command someone in some place to suggest and “elect” the Castro's monarchy members to our “parliament” (a place where nobody talks rather than government officials).

The Castro’s family for decades, since 1976 Cuba established this ridiculous rituals of mono-democracy, has chosen the eastern provinces of Cuba to be their own platform to launch their names as eligible to any political event: mono-parliament, Youth Communist Congress, Pioneer National meetings, PCC’s Congress, you name it!!!

It is a ritual. Perfectly timed, some obscure hand previously selected proposes one of the names available in some prepared list, and here you go: everybody lift their hands. It is a choreography well planned and synchronized throughout Cuba. That is named by Castro's propaganda system: socialist’s elections.

Cubans know very well the scheme and their are tired to watch every year the same rituals executed rhythmically played by their own chorus of old chaps. What suppose to be our public assemblies in every neighbourhood have been diminished to the old revolutionary guards (the same old chaps you see all covered with medals on their scruffy olive suits on Castro’s TV), a few new faces appointed in government positions they have to take care and a bunch of children running around. Those people select our future parliamentarians-to-be.

The actual Cuba never attends those meetings. Cuban youth is more interested in how to leave their own country rather to be involved in any political agenda within Castro’s regime. A very different scenario Cuba’s propaganda system spreads in internet, blogs and official media.

So, the fact some obscure Cuban newspaper had announced Cuba’s Communist Party will decide in its congress if Fidel Castro will be again its supreme leader or not doesn’t matter at all. It is on Castro’s hands the choice as always was.

There is nothing new. After all, rituals are rituals. They stand forever.