Friday, February 18, 2011

Heberprot-P: the two faces of Cuba’ Health Care System


There is a rule in disinformation systems within totalitarian regimes: the more a lie is told, the more that lie could become a truth. It is a rule fulfilled to the next level in Castro's propaganda system.

Although that rule is part of Goebbels’ Principles of Propaganda during Hitler’s Germany, Castro has made those principles the foundations of his own propaganda system and superseded his masters in the past.

Days ago, in February 7th, I published a post entitled “The showcase effect in Cuba’s Health Care System (in spanish: “El efecto vitrina en el Sistema de Salud de Cuba”).

Among the many hits my post received that day (it is one of my 10 most popular blog posts ever), 26 hits were from Cuba. Amazing !!!

Everybody knows Cubans don’t have easy access to internet and has one of the worst rates in internet access in the whole world, particularly to blogs critical with Castro’s regime, like mine.

In fact, I can guarantee without any doubt those hits belonged to Cubans’ official agents with the “important” task to monitor blogs like mine to know what we are saying, and react in consequence.

And that happened as a choreography very well scheduled. The very same day, and after that many times, a very curious report appeared in internet throughout many Cubans information agencies, repeated in consecutives report in February 10, 11, 16 and 17. Here is the link of the last report:

The same news repeated over and over every single day referred to the same place, the same official, the same report. It is the Goebbelian principle of repetition.

But lies are lies, and the fact is people in Cuba continue dying without knowing there is a Cuban drug, produced and manufactured by the Cuban authorities (HEBERPROT-P).

HEBERPROT-P is a drug especially recommended to patients afflicted with “diabetic foot” and bedsores (decubitus ulcers also known as pressure ulcers). A very common ulcers in aged patients unable to move and walk.

Cuba has created its own formulation and has been exporting the drug everywhere, and spent  a huge amount of time merchandizing it all over internet. My original post offered a link about a report explaining how Heberprot-P has been treating 12 thousands Venezuelan patients. Here is the link:

CUBA - Over 12,000 Venezuelan Diabetic Patients Treated with Cuba’s Heberprot-P

What Castro shows is that his system is more sensitive to any criticism of his dearest merchandise (HEBERPROT-P) rather than his own people. That explains how Cuba’s propaganda system is chasing any mention of that topic anywhere and anyhow. Explain also my 26 times hits on my blog from Cuba in that particular post.

What it doesn’t explain is why Cubans continue dying along the island unknowing HEBERPROT-P had ever existed. It doesn’t explain why family doctors throughout Cuba unknown that drug itself. Family doctors who are the front men treating Cubans patients with those horrific ulcers.

Now, an obscure doctor in an obscure hospital in one of the eastern provinces of Castro’s gulag is reporting (day after day) its use. If this is not a typical Goebbelian principle applied by Castro's regime, brought from another era to modern XXI Century, what is it?

I just want to challenge the western media in Cuba (CNN and Reuters), who have been very efficient repeating any Castro’s speeches along all these years, to make a survey throughout Havana and asking every single family doctor about this product. The answer will be the same: they don’t know what is HEBERPROT-P.

This product is merchandised through internet, the same internet Cubans lack of it. As always, Cubans don’t belong to this world… according to Castro’s faith and principles.


Anonymous said...

As you can see from my IP address Mr. "Internet Sniffer", I reside in Canada and not in Cuba. I felt it is important to mention this in order to reduce the clinical paranoia level you have reached.

In spite of what you say traitor, and in spite of the fact that you would rather go back to an era of Batista like regime whereby 40% of the Cuban population suffered from TB and 70% were illiterate, Cuba's medical inventions have saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent patients who would've died due to lack of affordability and vision.

As for Heberprot-P, you can babble your heart content in an attempt to discredit the treatment, and by extension, the country behind it. At the end of the day, the 30+ countries which patented the life saving medicine, are laughing in outrage at your stupidity and your lack of humanity when you put your hate infused political agenda ahead of the well-being of diabetic patients in dire straits.

I know your lack the courage, and above all, the morality will stop you from posting my comment, but this post is intended to you traitor.

Yours very truly,

Wael (not a Spanish name)