Sunday, February 6, 2011

American embargo or not to Cuba?

The heavy load of the embargo to Cubans It has been one of the most daunting question to Cubans exiles. A question unanswered properly even when I am writing this lines.

The first wave of  Cuban exiles were adamant about how the American government had to proceed with the new born regime headed by Castro, and throughout all these years they have been the strongest supporters of the American embargo to Cuba.

With the latest waves of Cubans arriving to Miami and US soil though, the American embargo and its supporters had changed their rates and influences. The new Cuban-Americans are coming with a new prospect about what it is essentially useful, what it is just not working at all and what it is just completely unworthy to keep.

To be completely objective we have to admit the American embargo hasn’t worked in the way the US government expected. Many political components have been involved in its failure to fulfill the reasons why the embargo was established: to knock down Castro's tyranny and bring Democracy to Cuba.

The first and most important reason for that has been the opportunistic and hypocrite attitude of the westerners democracies allied to Washington. They supported a hypocrite engagement with Castro’s regime claiming, as Canada’s government admit, the most important source in Cuba’s tourism industry:

“… to engage with all elements of Cuban society, including both government and civil society, with the objective of advancing democratic values and a liberalization of the economy.”

Pure duplicity. Canada like other westerners are only getting into Cuba to take advantage of opportunities they cannot find in another premises: a landmark without any American presence, a huge opportunity to oust American businessmen and their companies. No question about it.

It is the same reason the Europe Union is desperate to get their hands into Cuba’s economy. They are not interested in the findings of democracy and freedom for Cubans. It is not such a good deal to them.

For Castro, the embargo is a wonderful opportunity to demonize US administrations. Cubans authorities blame everything on the embargo: Castro's economic disasters,  Cuba’s adventures in Africa and any single outrageous reason in their pockets.

The embargo also could make people’s life miserably in Cuba but not Castro’s officials life. They do not suffer from shortage of any kind, their pretty life are untouchable. The embargo’s policy only debunk US policy toward Cuba and present an ugly picture of their reason about the future and the present of the Cubans. That’s why many of the dissident groups in Havana have been asking to US to lift the embargo, and that’s why many Cuban-Americans are persuaded by the necessity to a change in US policy about their native homeland.

The question is: could that change bring something new in Castro’s regime? Probably.

They will obtain more money from American investors this time. There will be always candid souls in this world, especially in the US to whom Cuba will be a promised land to find new opportunities. Poor souls, they will find lately that Castro is very hasty to throw promises and never carry out them. Cuba’s government history of swinging moods is a very large book of disappointments to Canada and Europe Union countries.

Give financial aid to Castro is to throw money in broken pockets with no returns at sight. Even today, Castro is paying in cash to America for food and other goods with a huge overdue of debts to Canada an EU.

So, embargo or not? It is not Hamlet’s question. It is not a blockage as Cuba’s government had showed to the world in UNO and many leftist try to convince worldwide. Meanwhile Castro and his policy against the people of Cuba don’t step down as a whole, the embargo is the only policy to keep American candid financiers safe from a guy who had emptied many naive westerners’ pockets throughout this good hearted world.