Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Castro, Chavez and Mohammadi-Ashatiani

save ashtiani

World’s democracies, human rights organizations and people of all political tendencies are claiming to stop the stone execution of Sakineh Mohammadi-Ashtiani. There is no question about if it is a political issue, or if you are a leftist or you are from the right. This is no a question of color or race. It is a question of humanity and human kind principles. For God sake, we are living in the XXI Century, not in the old ages where men are living in caves.

Two of the biggest allies of Iran’s Ahmadinejad though are very well quite. A few days ago, Castro’s propaganda system was screaming about some private issues happened to one troublemaker to whom they stamped as “the best Cuban blogger”. The Varela’ scandal shook Cuba’s regime propaganda without any factual basis. Today, nobody in that media, government, not one little official in the big pyramid of that tyranny had spoken about the horrific fact that their closed friend in Iran is ready to kill a woman by stoning.

His other friend and a very close Castro’s disciple doesn’t speak also about the same issue. Both are birds of the same feathers. Both have the same barrier when it comes to speak out against his colleagues in massacre: hypocrisy, lies and silence.

Today, it is a woman condemned to die by stoning for an issue that has no human basis nowadays, under a regime who is unfair, illegal and criminal. To keep silence under these conditions is being an accomplished of the murder, being a murderer itself, and being a cynical criminal committing a crime against humanity at a whole.

But it is not a surprise to all of us, Cubans. For those two individuals, interchange of political ties means human kind is not involve in the business: people are absent of their agenda and the life of any human being under their regimes are less worthy than those stones waiting to execute a human being in Iran.