Sunday, November 28, 2010

Canadian colonialists

canadian colonialist Cuba is one of the biggest destination for Canadians, especially people from Quebec. Yearly, when winter is approaching to Canada you see the long line of Canadians in their dream vacation line up throughout all the travel airlines who flight to Varadero, Havana and any other Cuban resorts.

For Canadians, Cuba is only a place to have fun, enjoy its sunny beaches, drink soft mojitos and listen folk Cuban music, even when their bodies never get the proper rhythm of salsa. They never get in touch with reality. They never care.

Apartheid in Cuba is noticed everywhere. In hotels, buses and stores where Cubans themselves are prevented by the police from entering. But for the naive Canadians, Cuba is a paradise and as some Canadian woman said in one of Canadian newspapers: “you cannot eat freedom”.

It is amazing to hear such a thing from Canadians who are proud of their democratic and self respected human rights values. For sure, freedom is not something that you eat. It is something less tangible in a democracy but supported by the respect of every citizen opinion, the freedom of speech about everything and the daily proper accountability of people’s government. None of those values are in place in Cuba’s government. But you don’t “eat freedom” as the silly Canadian said.

After half a century of this fervently nationalist “revolution” in Cuba, as some prefer to call it instead of what it is, a tyranny, the best of Varadero Beach is barricaded against Cubans by armed police and reserved for rich foreigners, their local foot servants and prostitutes. But Canadians never get notice. They stroll all around touristic premises in Old Havana, Cayo Largo and Varadero and they are walking in another planet. It is vintage Cuba. That Cuba reserved to pictures in a museum or in our fashionable photo album when you come back home.

They are wandering through old Havana and they find themselves walking through a miasma of pestilential odours with faces looking at you from decrepit doorways, but they don’t care. Those faces aren’t Canadians. Those people are living “La vida loca” as Ricky Martin’ song says. It is touristic Cuba what they want “to eat”, not truly political Cuba. That doesn’t count.

I would like to switch this story around. Just for a minute, only for one minute change both places: Canada and Cuba. Seat Castro as prime Minister of Canada. Let Canadians families remain kidnapped by Cuba’s exclusivist immigration laws. Don’t let them travel everywhere as they do. Punish them if they don’t vote for the only political party allowed, and give them the extraordinary “possibility” of get for their only money what that government offer them through our very Cuban ration food card.

Ah, don’t forget to set Canada’s judiciary system under Castro’s executioner's axe against public opinion. Then, I would like to hear again about what that foolish woman, who wrote such a colonialist point of view about Cuba, would say about such a “Canadian Paradise”.

The Cuban system is nothing but misery, moral mendacity and abuse. The Cuban people’s personal aspirations are completely mutilated.You won’t feel such anguish about a nation and a people as you feel about Cuba and Cubans.

But don’t try to expect too much about Canadians. They are living their own world and Cuba doesn’t count for them beyond sunny beaches, soft mojitos and mulatas. Canadians are our end of XIX Century’ Spaniards. They go over there just as colonialists, never as a citizen of this world.