Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Richest and the poorest

Havana 082According to Castro’s philosophy, the so called Cuban “revolution” was brought to power in 1959 regarding equality for all their citizens. In 1961, he named it as Socialism and broke in pieces all his promises in 1953 during his trial and in a document well known as “History will absolve me”.

Today, and yesterday and always in Cuba equality, Socialism and Communism are only subjects in a public topic run by the propaganda system, and that’s all. The military leadership who is commanding the country lives in a world far and distant from the actual Cuba. They don’t suffer the so-called embargo many times quoted in the media, in their public speeches and in the international arena.

Castro, his military ruling class and the army of story-tellers in internet, media and state television as living in a limbo where nothing is affected by the well worn argument of the embargo. It doesn’t exist for them.

In the other side, the majority of the people of Cuba live in another society far away from the officials newspapers and officials. More than 70% of the housing in Havana are in poor or really bad conditions. None of them belong to any of those officials. The well-known restrictions to travel are banned to Castro’s ruling class: they are the richest, they represent his philosophy and his support.

At the end of the rope, the people of Cuba survive and dream about to leave their native country. They had already surrendered their hopes to reach comfort and a good life. With crumbling houses or barely a little corner of a building to shelter from the rain and the elements, Cubans are dragging their life to reach the point to jump to another country, wherever it is.

The richest, they are part of the Castro’s machinery until they support his statements. They are the bill of materials of the system. They exist until their useful life is reached, and then move or remove from sight forever. Some of them escape to Miami in occasion and became part of his opponents and become the other shameful side of this never-ending story.

Meanwhile, in Havana the working class properties are collapsing every single day, with hurricane Paula or without it. That side belongs to the poor side of Cuba never acounted by the officials. That’s Socialism !!!!!