Saturday, October 9, 2010

Havana – Cuba – September 2010


Havana 101

Obispo’s Boulevard: In the heart of Old Havana, a public Washroom.

Is that for tourists? Not even a dog dare to enter. Do you?





In the heart of downtown Havana, Galeano and Havana 034San Miguel, this monstrosity is the picture perfect of what it is Cuba after 50 years of Castro’s regime. To its right, a 4 store building is housing one of the biggest stores in Havana (La Epoca), at 11:00 am an enclosed place with no air condition and crowded with a pile of junk for Cubans. To its left, a 2 year old store in CUC yesterday filled with items far away from Cubans’ hands, today almost empty after the handover to military impresarios by Raul Castro’s government.. A sign that anything had changed, at least for better.


Havana 048

Fin de Siglo: what a name (End of the Century) !!! Recycled clothing to Cubans outside its premises, inside a bunch of “merolicos” (cuban slang for private little vendors). 50 years ago this was one of the biggest stores in Downtown Havana. Today: a crumbling building broke in pieces.


Havana 047






Le Trianon, in its old glory a famous jewellery store, during Castro’s flourished Russian years the first store opened to Cubans with no rationed items. Today, a dive, a hole for rats and odours.

Havana 256 

Side by side to one of the most important theatres in Havana: this is the hidden face of Cuba that Castro never talk. A bunch of beggars on the wall of El Gran Teatro de La Habana (where Alicia Alonso’s ballets bring her “masterpieces”)


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