Sunday, October 17, 2010

Claims and Complaints

Havana 144

For years, Castro’s government has been claiming and complaining about any sort of damages to Cuba’s economy: from any sort of deceases unimaginable to loss in tourism, health care and standard of life in general.

In fact, there is no one sector in Cuba’s economy that had failed to be filed as a complaint about the embargo. Even the lack of transparency and civil rights has been mentioned in that list of complaints.

Of course, Castro’s officials and hypocrite parrots on internet don’t talk about the damages caused by Castro’s ill-fated experiments in Cuba’s economy during 50 years in power. They don’t talk about those coffee’s plantations around Havana (named the Ring of Havana), or all the latest disasters with social workers or the nightmare in the education system with unprepared personnel.

Havana is a city bombed by disasters: the housing system is one of the worst in the western hemisphere, the utilities services are old and inadequate,the public transportation system is in a pandemic status (it hadn’t been solve in Castro’s government), and on and on. The list would be endless.

Castro’s legacy to the future in an endless list of disasters, a philosophy of complaints and a system where nothing absolutely works at any level. There is no budget that could be held in a system where his Commander in Chief change ministers and plans at his whim, where there was a fund of the Commander in Chief who nobody explained from where it came and where the highest structure in the political power (National Assembly) doesn’t know and decide a thing about almost anything.

But still they have time to complain and claim about some alleged losses in every sector you can imagine. What let me think how great has been Castro as a public international complainer, and contrary to King Midas, his fantastic ability to turn into a disaster everything he had touched in 50 years.

Today, that regime is complaining about their losses in tourism caused by the lack of American visitors to Cuba. So, folks, make your mind. You don’t like America and Americans, you had blamed America for every single disaster in Cuba, and still are you complaining about the lose of Americans visitors to Havana?

Mi guess: you can not live without Americans, and that’s a fact.