Friday, April 9, 2010

Twittering around Cuba

Looking at Cuba’s reality over daily basis make you feel that country is living in another galaxy where all the common human values are lost and reality is gravitating around the moon, Saturn or even in a universe out of time. Anyway, I decided to put together all my latest tweets about Cuba to save my thoughts about my homeland and its sad history under Fidel Castro’s tyranny. It is show also how useful the social media is to share opinions and facts about ourselves and our realities everywhere in this world.Twittering around Cuba

These are my latest tweets about Cuba:

In #Cuba societal discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity persists especially with minorities like gays

#Cuba police conducts sweeps in areas where gay men congregated, particularly along sections of Havana's waterfront and harass them.

In #Cuba several NON-GOV gay rights activists assert the GOV does nothing to stop frequent cases of police brutality & harassment.

#Cuba law does not allow workers to form and join unions of their choice.

In #Cuba the only legal labour union in the country is Cuba National Trade Union whose leaders are chosen by the Communist Party.

In #Cuba the official National Trade Union's principal responsibility is to ensure that government production goals were met.

In #Cuba the official National Trade Union does not bargain collectively, promote worker rights or protect the right to strike.

In #Cuba all workers are required to belong to official National Trade Union & promotions are limited to Communist Party members.

In #Cuba Trade Union members take part in mandatory marches, public humiliations of dissidents and other state organized activities.

#Cuba government can determine that a worker is "unfit" to work resulting in job loss and the denial of job opportunities.

In #Cuba persons are deemed unfit for their political beliefs including their refusal to join the official trade union.

In #Cuba several small independent labour organizations operates without legal recognition by the government.

In #Cuba dissident trade unions are subject to police harassment and infiltration by GOV agents

#Cuba GOV continues to incarcerate independent labour activists. Of 75 dissidents jailed in 2003, 7 were independent labour leaders.

#Cuba law does not prohibit forced or compulsory labour. Convicts are forced to work on construction, agricultural or metal work.

In #Cuba compulsory & unpaid labour called "voluntary work" is regularly organized to accomplish production or complete other tasks.

In #Cuba monthly minimum wage which is established and enforced by Ministry of Labour and Social Security is 225 pesos ($10).

In #Cuba there is no fixed period for review or revision of the minimum wage, which was last revised in 2005.

In #Cuba Ministry of Labour does not engage in any public consultation with workers or employers prior to fixing the wage.

#Cuba law does not provide for premium pay for overtime or prohibit obligatory overtime but places a cap on number overtime hours.

This is not fiction, it’s #Cuba Criminal Law: a state of dangerousness is considered to be the special propensity of a person to commit crimes

#Cuba “dangerousness” Law: propensity demonstrated by conduct observed in manifest contradiction to the norms of socialist morality.

#Cuba law also grants officials extraordinary authority to penalize individuals who attempt to exercise their rights.

#Cuba Article 62 of its Constitution explicitly states that no rights may be exercised against the state.

Cubans who dare to criticize the government are subject to draconian criminal and “pre-criminal” charges. #Cuba

In #Cuba the law can be used to punish ppl who have not yet committed a crime on the suspicion they will commit one in the future.

#Cuba National Protection Law is so broad that it renders any criticism of the GOV prosecutable as a form of collaboration with US.

#Cuba judiciary lacks independence denying dissidents meaningful judicial protection & ensuring those tried will not receive a fair trial

#Cuba GOV denies victims of abuse virtually all external protections by refusing to allow monitoring by independent domestic/INTL groups.

#Cuba Criminal Code lies at the core of Cuba's repressive machinery granting Cuban authorities extraordinary power to silence dissent.

In #Cuba numerous Cuban criminal provisions explicitly penalize the exercise of fundamental freedoms, like the freedom of speech.

Some other #Cuba criminal provisions are so vaguely defined as to offer Cuban officials broad discretion in repressing critics.

#Cuba GOV routinely characterize peaceful government opponents as “counterrevolutionaries” “mercenaries” and “traitors.

And #Cuba GOV uses those classifications to sentence them under laws protecting Cuban sovereignty

#Cuba invocation of state security interests to control nonviolent dissent represents a clear abuse of authority.

UN Committee against Torture raised concern about the nebulous offences like ‘enemy propaganda’ in a 1998 report on #Cuba

#Cuba law poses a risk because of the uncertainty of their constituent elements and the room they provide for misuse and abuse.

Human Rights Watch has been unable to document a local civil society organization that expresses dissent that has been recognized by #Cuba

In #Cuba not only is recognition denied to groups but individuals who participate in meetings without state authorization.

#Cuba “dangerousness” law is essentially a status law criminalizing ppl for who they are or for a proclivity rather than for criminal acts

#Cuba "dangerousness" law violates the basic principle that criminal law should target specific conduct accompanied by the requisite intent

#Cuba “dangerousness” law offends against basic human rights standards as it seeks to criminalize lawful behaviour protected by human rights

#Cuba constitution conditions the fundamentals rights on conformity to the government and its socialist project.

#Cuba constitution explicitly states that none of the fundamental human rights can be exercised against the state: Castro's tyranny.

In #Cuba none of the rights recognized for citizens may be exercised against the existence and the ends of the "socialist" state=tyranny

#Cuba constitution only recognizes Communist Party as the force of society by extension no fundamental freedoms can be exercised.

#Cuba constitution also deems the failure to subordinate basic freedoms to the goals of the state “punishable” according article 62.

#Cuba article 62 means any judge, prosecutor or GOV official who upholds such rights may him or herself be criminally sanctioned.

In #Cuba several constitutional articles restrict the very rights they claim to ensure and that’s in the written law without any doubt.

In #Cuba dissidents are verbally assaulted, harassed and beaten by security officers and groups of civilians tied to the state.

#Cuba GOV organizes public “acts of repudiation” against dissidents subjecting them and their families to humiliation & mob attacks.

#Cuba Government officials repeatedly threaten dissidents with imprisonment if they do not abandon their activities.