Friday, April 16, 2010

Tweets about the never ending Cuba’s repressive system

In #Cuba everything works through fear, people know they have to go to revolutionary activities because if not they’re looking for trouble.Tweets about the never ending Cuba's repressive system

In #Cuba fear pressures individuals to participate in pro-government activities and show their allegiance to the party.

In #Cuba having a job, belonging to the local Committee in defence of the Rev and the state-sponsored union and attending pro-GOV rallies are the ways of proving one’s loyalty to Castro

In #Cuba fear also discourages people from voicing dissent or from participating in any activity that may be perceived as “counterrevolutionary

In #Cuba any form of dissent could lead to repression: be it an arrest, a beating, imprisonment, or some other measure

In #Cuba if you are not in line with the system or are unwilling to carry out the tasks they assign then you’re marginalized

#Cuba is a system already designed to prosecute you, especially true with the “dangerousness” provision in its law.

Let clarify internet myth in #Cuba private internet connections require special permission from the government and are rarely granted only to their loyalists

In #Cuba independent bloggers often write their posts on home computers save them on memory sticks and upload them through illegal connections

In #Cuba individuals who write critically risk the loss of friends as well as threats and physical attacks by government officials.

#Cuba fails to meet basic international standards regarding the treatment of prisoners

In #Cuba conditions are abysmal for common/political prisoners alike with overcrowded cells, unhygienic and insufficient food and water, and inadequate medical treatment.

Under INTL Human Rights law prisoners retain their human rights/fundamental freedoms except for restrictions on rights required by incarceration: Not in #Cuba

In #Cuba prisoners who attempt to exercise their rights are severely reprimanded in any way possible: physically, emotionally and psychologically.

Political prisoners who criticize #Cuba GOV, document abuses or report violations suffer consequences that are harmful to their physical and psychological health

In #Cuba political prisoners who speak out are routinely subjected to extended periods of solitary confinement, harassment and beatings

In #Cuba Human Rights Watch has documented cases in which political prisoners were deliberately moved w/prisoners infected with tuberculosis despite they weren’t.

In #Cuba prison authorities arbitrarily suspend visits from family, ban phone calls and intercept letters to political prisoners who express political views or challenge prison conditions

In #Cuba all prisoner rights are suspended when prisoners exercised dissent, such as participating in hunger strikes, reporting abuses or refusing to wear prison uniforms

#Cuba authorities consistently sent political prisoners to prisons far from their families, despite the existence of prisons significantly closer to their homes

#Cuba practices to sent political prisoners far away contravenes INTL standards which state prisoners should be kept reasonably close to their places of residence

In #Cuba Human Rights Watch has documented dozens of cases in which prison officials physically abused, harassed and humiliated political prisoners in jails

In #Cuba prison authorities routinely subject political prisoners to solitary confinement, using it as a means of reprimanding dissent within prison system

#Cuba prison system lacks adequate oversight mechanisms and fails to provide effective means for prisoners to voice complaints

In #Cuba prison officials do not remedy abuses that are brought to their attention allowing conditions to persist while those responsible benefit from total impunity

In #Cuba prisoners are not informed of their right to complain or how to register abuses.

In #Cuba political prisoners routinely undertake hunger strikes and other drastic measures to call attention to their treatment. Those actions are met with further reprisals by prison officials

#Cuba repression is codified in law, carried out by security forces and groups of civilian tied to the state and prosecuted by a judiciary that lacks independence

Self-employment is strictly regulated by #Cuba government and permission to run a private business is granted on a case-by-case basis

#Cuba government aggressively works to prevent Cubans from documenting human rights abuses and sharing information with the international community

In #Cuba all dissidents’ trials are closed to independent observers, journalists, human rights defenders and foreign diplomats

In #Cuba individuals detained, prosecuted, imprisoned or subject to any other disciplinary action are consistently denied documentation of their cases.

In #Cuba dissidents lack basic access to mediums of communication such as the internet, fax and even phone and the channels available are under constant surveillance by GOV.

In #Cuba individuals who do share INF w/INTL human rights organizations and foreign media are subject to harassment and imprisonment under laws that explicitly criminalize the dissemination of such information.

#Cuba government abuse fundamental freedoms but it even punishes the documentation of such repression at any level possible