Sunday, March 14, 2010

Ups and downs of the troubadour.

Ups and downs of the troubadour

January brought to Cuba the news of the political prisoner Orlando Zapata and with it, the wave of condemnation against the old regime has been growing as a huge tsunami. Castro is not safer anymore. Parliaments, politicians, government and artists had condemned the old tyrant loudly. It was time.

Now we are in March and other new voices were added to that chorus with a different flavour and different nuance. The last one has been Pablo Milanes. Now, that is an important at too many levels.

Pablo Milanes is one of the initials voices of Cuba new songwriters brought by the 60’s and the new born process known as “revolution” ended in a dictatorship. With Silvio Rodriguez, Pablo Milanes is a brand in Cuban new music. The musician didn’t say a word about Zapata’s but expressed clearly some big remarks about Guillermo Fariñas’ hunger strike toward the Cuban political prisoners jailed in the Caribbean island.

Pablo Milanes said in Spain: “Fidel Castro must be condemned from the human point of view if Fariñas die”. I remarked the words “human point of view” because for my point of view Milanes is playing here the role that every social climber or upstart plays in every tyranny.

I’m not refusing to acknowledge neither his talent not his rights to express his honest opinion about Cuba, but a big cloud of doubts shadow his remarks because his past behaviour toward Castro’s tyranny. He has been that wicked weathercock pointing everywhere the wind is blowing and carefully choosing his words about Castro.

Today, he came with that tongue twister about that “human point of view” condemnation of Castro. Does it mean there is no political condemnation, Pablo? Why do you remark the “human point of view” and not clear and openly a simple condemnation? Is there any possible difference between the two’s?

He also added: “History must move forward with new ideas and men”. Good to hear from you but still I have some reticence about your remarks. The trouble I’m having with you, Pablo, is the long story of ups and downs in your remark throughout Cuba’s history with Castro. And I don’t really understand you.

With a past in the UMAP (concentrations camps for political dissidents and homosexuals in the 60’s) and being for so long repressed in the 60s, isn’t it enough for a more clear statement toward Cuba’s tyranny?

You added a few words that make me feel suspicious about your remarks: “That’s why I had said we need another revolution because we have black spots. The huge sun born in 1959 has been filled with spots as times goes by.”

That sun was filled with spots since the very beginning with the suppression of all political party of the opposition and the suppression of the freedom of speech. It is a fact well-known for so long that your remarks sound fake and hypocrites.

And it is not the first time you had done some remarks to later change your statements. So, as Silvio made some a couple of weeks ago, I guess this was the time when you needed a little space on the news in Spain to make more up to day your concerts there.

I don’t know, we all don’t know how far you have gone and how sincere and honest you are today. You lost your voice long time ago, we only can enjoy your talent but always take your remarks with a little bit of salt. After all, we had witnessed too many ups and downs about you and Silvio Rodriguez. Time would say the truth.


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