Friday, March 5, 2010

Franklin Brito or the illogical logic.

Franklin Brito is a farmer from southeastern Venezuela. He is also, since July 2009, an extreme case of the new intolerance state in which Venezuela is turning today. Since July, Brito has been on a hunger strike outside of the offices of the Organization of American States (OAS) in Caracas. The world outside Venezuela, with a few significant exceptions, has ignored Franklin Brito from the pages of the newspapers, worldwide telecasts and media agencies.Franklin Brito or the illogical logic

Today, Brito is what Orlando Zapata was before his death: a lost name in Chavez’ soil, or what it is turning Chavez’ soil. Socialism in its more primarily status has been transferred from Castro’s Cuba to the new totalitarian Venezuela with Chavez.

As I said in a post before: Cuba needs that Venezuela’s opposition wins the battle against Chavez. An Cuban opposition and, especially in the case of Orlando Zapata, found good friends in the hands of many good Venezuelan people on the social networks worldwide and particularly in twitter.

Cubans need Venezuelans, and Iranians people. We all need each other to fight our rulers in our countries. We need to share our hands and fight together against each of them: Castro, Chavez and Ahmadinejad.

It is time to help Franklin Brito in his fight against Chavez tyranny. I’m posting some of the links I had found in the news about his case. Some of them had been given to me for a group of Venezuelan friends. I ask of every one of you to hold out your hand and spread the news.

All together can help to save a life and bring back Democracy to our people. Today, Brito is in a military hospital under a court order signed by the Public Prosecutor's Office in Venezuela. He was a free man. He is neither a prisoner nor a mental patient as some reptilians are claiming with some delusional psychotic theories. But today, he is a political prisoner in Chavez’s hands.

What it is logical in a normal and democratic country: the civil rights to protest. It is illogical under Hugo Chavez’s regime. The well-known story in Cuba is being repeated in Venezuela. Let’s help Franklin Brito as well as our friends in Cuba.

List of websites and news about Franklin Brito (English and Spanish):

Venezuela: The Interrupted Hunger Strike of Franklin Brito

IACHR provides measures to protect for Franklin Brito

FRANKLIN BRITO kidnapped from OAS branch in Caracas, Venezuela. Video.

College of Psychologists concerned about treatment of Franklin Brito

Brito: They can let me die like Zapata