Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Expendable Lives, Ubieta?

Expendable Lives A reptilian specimen in Castro’s propaganda machinery brought to Cuba the Machiavellian term of “dispensable dead” to Orlando Zapata Tamayo. For 50 years, that government has treated its dissidents as counterrevolutionaries, mercenaries and CIA agents. Today, we are witnessing the deepest shame in Cuba’s journalism history. It never happened before that a public servant blames the victim in the name of his victimizers. To go farther in the offense, the official libel of the tyrant, in the writings of one of his lackeys, called him a “expendable dead” as if a human being could be expendable. It looks like it is in the name of Castro.

TV stations, official newspapers and websites with the help of the bunch of his well-known lackeys had thrown all the scum on their arsenal to destroy the name and the memory of a humble and brave man: what a shame.

Meanwhile Cuba’s government is stepping up its attack against Zapata’s memory, the same government and the same propaganda’s machinery is “forgetting” the 40 deaths in Havana Psychiatric Hospital: neither a video nor a word about those poor patients who died due hypothermia and hunger. They weren’t claiming anything. They weren’t dissidents and prisoners of conscience as Amnesty International declared Orlando Zapata. They weren’t in any hunger strike. But all of them died by hunger and hypothermia.

The parallelism jumps immediately: Orlando Zapata’s case brought all the baggage of scum publicity through Castro’s media, and his hyenas are roaring hatred and blasphemies. Meanwhile, about the mental patient’s deaths nobody says a word. There is no video, no doctors and paramedical personnel making any statement. It is the hypocrite silence of the crows.

Where were the doctors in their cases? Where were the cameras, microphones and security personnel? Where was Ubieta with his despicable version of their deaths?

Two months later Havana is in silence about their deaths. Two months later Havana is despising a Human Being as an “expendable dead”. Does it mean those people in Havana Psychiatric Hospital were “expendable lives” also?

Castro’s regime is use to blame and despise dissidents. For him, our citizens have a utilitarian value, and it is proportional to their aligning with the official policy of the regime. The others are completely expendables and out of his game.

The picture above this post shows some of the casualties happened in Havana Psychiatric Hospital and never has been published by Castro’s propaganda.

Are them expendable lives, Ubieta?