Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cuba’s hidden numbers.

For decades, the Cuban propaganda’s system has been questioned the transparency of western media about the most circumstantial and unpredictable topics: from Iraq to the moon, but never questioned many of the hidden statistics from its own soil. If Cubans trusted in their media, they were living on the moon, gravitating around another planet and in a time space where everything stand still.Cuba hidden numbers

Let’s face it. They fulfilled to silenced Cuba’s society as a whole, but they also fulfilled the questionable achieve of making their own people suspicious about what their own media is telling. A growing number of Cubans doubt about what their libels are saying about everything.

For a long time, that propaganda’ system captured western media, but today the little voice of our dissidence is getting into the center stage of the game: Castro’s propaganda is not ruling anymore around the world and they are nervous. But still, within Cuba Castro is blocking the truth and hiding many numbers and actual facts happening on daily basis.

Where are the statistics about the hidden Cuba? How many crimes are committed in its capital city and in every province? What is the impact of the black market in Cuba’s economy? How many suicides did happen in Cuba in 2009?

In the eastern provinces of Cuba are the highest percentages of suicides with especial incidence in women under domestic violence. Why doesn’t Cuba publish that statistic? Castro’s propaganda is always mentioning those numbers in US and western societies were those numbers are open to the public scrutiny. Why doesn’t Castro make a public statement about those numbers? Those statistics are in the hands of the highest officials in the Ministry of Health of Cuba. They know those numbers. Then, why don’t they open those numbers to the public opinion? What are they afraid of?

Where are the statistics about accidental deaths in Hospitals, nursery’s homes and prisons? Where are the statistics about criminality, sexual assaults, domestic violence, pornography and prostitution in Cuba?

What is the actual amount of prisoners in Cuba’s prison system? How many auto mutilations are happening inside that system? Cuba never releases statistics about the total amount of prisoners under any category and how many people is facing death penalty. What are they afraid of?

Castro’s propaganda system talks about mercenaries, CIA agents and imperialists but in those societies to whom he is pointing out those numbers is openly in the newspaper and websites, ready to the hands of their own citizens and also to Castro’s propaganda system. The question is: why don’t let in reciprocity to know yours? What are you afraid of?

Mariela Castro is the director of the Cuban National Center for Sex Education in Havana and an alleged activist for the Lesbian and Gay Community in Cuba. So, Mrs Mariela Castro, why don’t you let know to everyone inside and outside Cuba how many gays and lesbians suffered confinement in the well-known concentration camps of the 60’s known as UMAP? What are you afraid of?

How many people in Cuba is facing death penalty and why? Why do Cuba’s government hide those numbers? What is the percentage of unemployment and sub employment in Cuba? What is the external debt of Cuba? And, by the way, don’t tell to me, Castro, tell your own people in Cuba. What are you afraid of?

There are too many question, I just want to add a last one and very important. For a long time frame Cubans heard about some “Funds of the Commander in Chief” which came out occasional and accidentally on the pages of its own media. What are those funds? Where are those funds? How have been those funds use throughout the last 50 years? They never published those numbers and how the “commander in chief” (in low capital letter, by the way) has wasted in 50 years of tyranny. What are you afraid of?

To point your finger to others, Castro, you need to speak clear and loud about your own history of lies, misleading and “secrets”. What are you afraid of?