Thursday, March 4, 2010

Cuban Minister of Inferior Affairs.

Before Bruno Rodriguez was the little puppet Castro dangled in the boxed building in Havana handling the foreign affairs of a tyranny of 50 years, there were Perez Roque, Roberto Robaina and an army of others repeaters of the dictator in Chief. I have to make a clear distinction: the minister who has his office there doesn’t handle any Cuba’s affair, as I said before he is only the passing by puppet seated in a chair within a tyrannical monarchy.Cuban Minister of Inferior Affairs

Let say it clearly: in Cuba nobody handle affairs outside Castro’s household. Ministers are actual marionette pulled from Castro’s Heaven on earth, wherever he is: in a wheelchair or in the golden throne of Cuba.

But on these days, the little puppet Bruno is parroting here and there with the same military language inherited by all the generations of puppets in his Ministry in charge. Mercenaries, CIA agents and media wars against Cuba are the handy terms this apprentice minister is barking in the UNO Human Rights Commission.

You heard right, Human Rights but where? Probably in Vienna, en the Moon or Saturn, but it doesn’t stop him to be pecking meaningless words about “agents paid by the United States as dissidents in Cuban territory”.

Where are the agents, buffoon? Could be in the dungeons of Castro where around 200 political prisoners had been forgotten by western democracies?

The first decade of this XXI Century has passed and this clown, probably extracted from the era of dinosaurs, is still repeating the old Castro’ speeches of the 60’s, 70’s... I mean, move on, scarecrow.

For 51 years, Cuba government has been blaming US, CIA and any imaginable agency in this world about any given disaster in its history. The real media war has been held in Havana against Orlando Zapata’s memory, his mother and his colleagues in Cuba’s dungeons.

Reptilian libels, false prophets and Machiavellian lackeys have been repeating a script too many times staged that nobody in this world believes anymore.

Zapata’s death is the result of intolerance and fear of Cuba government. That intolerance causes Cuba’s Minister of Foreign Affairs to blame every single corner of the planet, meanwhile the government of Havana is hiding his ostrich’s head anywhere is possible on Earth.

Zapata, for sure, won’t be forgotten. Ministers like Bruno Rodriguez, who only handle inferior affairs in Cuba, will be buried in the dark as happened with Perez Roque, Robaina and many others when his utilitarian value will be wasted.

So, look up, little crow, and be prepared to write some poems like Carlos Aldana. Or maybe you could paint some whimsical pictures depicting any still life. Or perhaps, you could help Carlos Lage in his dirty tasks as proctologist. But for sure, you will be forgotten as every little piece of machinery Castro had thrown away when its utilitarian time has been reached.