Monday, March 1, 2010

Crows over Cuba.

50 years of manipulation and propaganda had made Cuba the oasis for left-wingers who comes to our country and praise what in other latitudes they blamed and condemn. From Garcia Marquez to Nordimer, Nobel Prizes are raining over Cuba and without any flush in their faces and souls they are blathering with Cuba’s rulers in front of the victim’s body: Orlando Zapata Tamayo.Crows over Cuba

Days before Orlando Zapata’s death, Mrs Nordimer refused to acknowledge the letter a group of wives and families members of political prisoner send to her. It looks like the Nobel Prize her talent had deserved it is only the result of her ideological mind not the command of her racist heart: after all she probably writes for her white left-winger readers and not for her mixed homeland, South Africa.

About Gabriel Garcia Marquez everything has been said. Gabo is per se the caviar leftist we all know. Communism only exists in his mind when he visits his closest friend Castro. Meanwhile he is confined in his comfortable shell with millions and wine. Real Socialism is for the plebs, his books and the speeches with Castro.

More insulting and completely a shame, Lula da Silva, the flamboyant President of Brazil didn’t even talk in front of the media the same day when Zapata’s funeral was held in Cuba. His hypocrisy went as farther to raise his voice against US’ embargo to Cuba meanwhile he kept his mouth shut not to say at least a soft word of regret about Orlando Zapata’s death in front of Raul Castro.

A long list of celebrities, Nobel Prizes, western personalities and politicians are accomplices of that crime. They are accessories of Zapata’s death, and still today they are unable to raise their voice to express the simple gesture of condolence toward his mother Reina Maria.

Where was Sean Penn pursuing his name as a “journalist” for Vanity Fair with an exclusive interview with the old tyrant? Where is the Black Caucus of US Congress? Where was Lucius Walker and Pastors for Peace when Zapata was dying in Havana?

Why didn’t those people do any hunger strike to help Zapata’s claims? Where were them? On the surface of the moon?

For 50 years Cuba doesn’t have a voice in this world. Its voice has been kidnapped by Castro. And today his propaganda machinery is booming against a man who only fault was to raise his voice for a better Cuba. The crows pecking over Zapata’s death body have to shut f... off and pay respect at the honour and bravery of the simple man who became a National Hero by his convictions.

As our National Apostle Jose Marti said: Freedom lives of respect.