Friday, February 19, 2010

Shackles to your Silence.

Cubans have to request to Cuba’s government an official licence to travel abroad, no matter it is as a visitor, temporary or permanent residency outside their country. It is a shackle Castro tied to their names to silence their voices in and out of Cuba.Shackles to your silence.

For years that piece of paper, delivered by the Department of Immigration attached to the Ministry of the Interior, has been the key component of Castro’s government to stifle any dissent within Cuba. It is a piece of slavery attached to any Cuban born after 1959.

The state security agents use it to buy dissent’s voices, to avoid any inconvenience person for traveling abroad and even to threaten opposition if they speak out to western media or adopt any form of resistance against the regime. The authorities have backed that hideous policy under the laughable argument of protecting our national security against the enemy, which it means mostly US. Ironically, against all odds, Cubans prefer to land in US soil rather to migrate to another countries.

For 50 years, Castro and his officials have been blaming US for every single economic, social and political disasters. Huge boards, like the ones you could see throughout America advertising western products considered as ideological diversionism in Cuba, are praising Cuba’s Socialism, nationalism and revolution, but Cubans are passing by with their rafts and heading Florida. Miami is stamped in their dreams.

The government policy is to handle out its licence to travel as a leniency for Cubans’ silence, a kind of good behaviour ticket to your freedom. Too many names had been trapped in that web, but none like the name of the prominent neurosurgeon Hilda Molina. For more than 15 years the renowned scientist was retained in Havana. She was one of those cases of government kidnapping practiced by Castro for decades.

You behave, you stay quiet and tranquil and you could get the ticket to cross the Florida Straits: this is the message Castro is sending in daily basis to all Cubans with a faith to travel. Give up your freedom, stolen for long time without your consent. Give up any resistance against the totalitarian regime. No words of opposition and dissent. A total state of oppression against your personal opinions: that is the result of 50 years in Castro’s hands.

In the other hand, more than 3 million of Cubans are living abroad. They are also trapped in the same web of violations and abuses. Castro holds them in his shackles and steals their money every time Cuba’s government is in need of financial support.

They charge you fees for the stamp in the Cuban passport you don’t need, you don’t want it and you don’t care: you are already citizen of this world. Cuba is a prison for its citizens, but it’s a prison for every Cuban who wants to travel to his homeland. In the name of a tyrant, Cubans gave up their will and many of them leave their country and, as a friend of mine told me recently, enjoy and dance with Van Van in Miami and forget Cuba with its misery. They are also trapped and in Castro’s hands, but just a few cares.

A country kidnapped by a small group of rascals who establish laws, approve their own laws and apply those laws without any civic supervision from our society: that is our Cuba today.

Meanwhile, we are crawling around the world and waiting that Mother Nature passes its sentence to the tyrant, watching how our country is leaving, and letting the criminal act without impunity.

A nation who doesn’t fight not deserves to live.


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