Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pointing finger to nowhere.

The first image of Castro on TV addressing Cubans in any of his endless speeches is his judging finger pointing elsewhere, announcing with ostentatious manners plans, futuristic dreams and promises blew away as soon one year passed.Pointing Finger to Nowhere

I don’t have too many recollections of the first years of my life, but I still remember that finger pointing up to nowhere. We almost can name every year of our existence with the direction to where that finger was pointing out. So, we have the Year of the Ring of Havana. It was that year when my father had to go away many times to the surroundings of Havana to harvest coffee trees that never produced enough to supply any small town of its surroundings.

The year were hundred of schools where build far from our big cities and everybody has to go to study there. Or when our ruler decided it was time to built new nurseries in Havana, or family doctors’ offices, or new schools in the capital city, or an army of teenager to cover the shortage of teachers in those schools. How many stories like those had filled our recent history?

The pointing finger addressing the next year task without any supervision allowed. The compass of our economy has been design to follow that finger and to fulfill his direction, that moving finger had cut off many institutions, staff members and big names in Cuba Economy hierarchy. Do you remember the Institute of Economic Planning in Cuba? Me either: it was swept away when Castro realized he couldn’t make a move at his whim.

The most disturbing consequence and the most unnoticed for the Cubans were, and still is: there is no democratic institution in today’s Cuba who asks our leaders for their expenses anywhere.

For years we listened in the radio, on TV and on the newspapers Castro and company to talk about the Funds of “our commander in chief” (I write in lower case, he is no my commander in chief at all).

Where are those funds? What were they use for? Where and how? And the most important question: where were those funds withdraw from?

Today, Castro is seated in his ailing wheelchair, but he left behind an entire country with an economy ailing from many deceases. A total crisis in social values and without any defined future, Cuba is heading into its future without any north, and with its pockets emptied and broken for a tyrant who administered our past as a corral of pigeons: throwing little leftovers here and there.

The pointing finger is not exposed anymore. It is not on TV, but his shadow if falling on every single decision his heir does. Cuba society has to remove not only its rulers, but also has the huge task of built democratic institutions, values and behaviours banned from our social conscience as citizens.

Behind, all the years of the pointing finger. In front, a future to built.