Friday, February 26, 2010

The Parrots’ Island.

First was the verb and then Cuba embraced itself for 50 years of monologue about everything but Cuba. The so-called Cuban revolution created the new man prepared to listen, but never to talk: a well repeater-being of slogans, mummified words in the dictionary of the Communist dinosaurs and well-scripted justifications about everything over Earth.The Parrots' Island

Suddenly, we were drowned in long everlasting speeches in plazas and terraces. We will conquer the future with thousands of skilled Cubans leaving Cuba every year. We will be the most educated people in the whole world with a shortage of skilled school teachers. We will have electricity even in the most remote place in Sierra Maestra with blackouts in Havana’s districts.

One year was children nurseries in every hidden place in the capital city. The next one was a legion of teenagers filling our empty schoolrooms as emergent teachers. And the next could be something different at the whim of our high ranked officials, which in Cuba is only one: Fidel Castro.

50 years of a mischievous talkative leader parroting about the rings of Saturn, the middle east crisis and the ups and downs of Wall Street when Cuba was tumbling down to reach the point of no-return where we are now.

Meanwhile, on newspapers, TV news and websites an army of government sponsored “journalists” are the well oiled pulley bearings to the fantasies of our dear Commander in Chief. As result, Cuba is an island of parrots: brain washed repeaters attaching slogans and ideological labels left and right to everyone who is out the line traced by Castro.

A long graveyard of economic experiments ended in disasters, Cuban revolution has an army of slogans’ repeaters to justify, discredit and manipulate facts and fictions, and create the revolutionary fantasy nobody believes any longer.

Today, we are witnessing to the long well-orchestrated script against a humble man who died after 85 days of hunger strike. It is the war of words and blames from the victimizers to the victim: what a pyrrhic victory of an ill-fated regime.

A group of parrots is blaming the victim to whom previously they ignored, falsely declared unknown and cynically poked at him. It is a shame for the system catalogued as revolutionary and ended in a monstrosity.