Sunday, February 7, 2010

Old Ropes and Chains.

Cuba is an isthmus of strange ideas. Everything is collapsing there: economy, ideology and political science. For 50 years an intolerant system had refused to change, and when little band aids have been put on it, there have been removed at the whim of its leaders a few years later. Old Ropes and Chains

Today, after half a century of experiments, whimsical changes of direction and multitude of mistakes, Cuba is in a shattered territory far beyond this entire story begun: 1959. The whole country in ruins, many generational levels of Cubans wishing to leave their own country, a brand new youth escaping political compromise with the institutional regime, and the national economy floating over a giant debt pile up year after year without seeing a light at the end of the tunnel: these are Castro’s will to the future.

The last ink in the brand new government has been to rip off the unemployment benefits. Is it possible to proclaim any country Socialist without the basic benefits for their workers and citizens?

The irony of all of this tongue twister is that the well-announced news was made by a top leader of the National Trade Union of Cuba, the only one allowed to work and exist on “behalf” of Cuban workers. That society is called “Socialist” in official newspapers, websites and public speeches. The actual invention of Socialism worldwide has been the establishment of new terminologies never used before, nothing more.

If Cuba wants to fight any inefficiency or bureaucracy, why doesn’t remove then government institutions that don’t bring any productivity and economic results to Cuba’ society? I mean, CDR (Committee for the Defence of the Revolution) for instance. That institution is, per se, one of the burdens of the colossal bureaucracy installed by the regime, and the key component in the repressive machinery for that society.

Why doesn’t Cuba open deeper economic reforms, like self-employment, or liberalize the productive forces, open the national market to their own citizens, let them establish their own business and create wealth from their natural talent?

Cubans had proven they are amazing entrepreneurs everywhere they go. In the US, the Cuban-American community is one of the strongest, if it is not the most stronger. Wealth is not evil by itself, but poverty only creates violence, destruction and chaos, and it is a cycle that never ends.

Instead of that, Cuba is returning to old ropes and chains. The same mechanisms tried when the Special Period was announced in 1991 and to the same sectors, agriculture and construction, that never grew because people don’t want to go to places and jobs with too little money and little time to “resolve” their lives. That means, steal every single screw from the stubborn system that wants to sale old ropes and chains to their own people.

Besides, they don’t want to renounce what is essential to its needs: the repressive machinery. Socialism without chains and ropes are inexistent, it is a complete absurd.

It is the never-ending story without Alice.